Super Mario Bros. 3 Box Features Mystery Level

Will Thompson On April 10, 2009 10.04.2009 with 54 Comments

While I was researching the design of old video game boxes for an assignment, I happened to come across a unique screen shot on the back of Super Mario Brothers 3. The box featured an unplayable level that I don’t remember ever playing. I find it strange that levels were cut out of the game but left on the box to tease you. Has anyone ever notice anything similar to this happening on other game boxes?

54 Responses to “Super Mario Bros. 3 Box Features Mystery Level”

  1. mario346kha says:

    That level is actually in the Beta Version…
    No Joke…. this is the link to the Video of Beta Version of this game:

  2. SeanRamey says:

    If you also look at the other two screen shots, you will see that World 1 Map is a bit different. Notice that there isn’t a toad house near the hammer bros by the castle, and the locked door is in a different spot, and level 1-2 is in a slightly different spot, and the slot matching game is on the left of the fortress instead of the right. Also, I don’t remember the 3rd screenshot actually being in the game either, lol.

  3. simon says:

    the world 1 map can revert to that other map sometimes in game, i dont remember why or how to do it but in about 500-1000 play throughs as a kid the world one map looked like that ONCE in all that time lol!

  4. Jeremy says:

    I think that level was later altered to become Sky World level 6 where the flying beetles actually were included. In the beta there were tons of other levels that were not included in the final builds of the game. Some levels modified from the original beta were brought to SMB3 for Super Mario Advance 4 (GBA) through the e-Reader level cards.

  5. Benjamin says:

    Yes!! I noticed this in 1990 or 91 during the original relapse of the game. I was just sitting here telling my friend about it, which led me here. No explanation that I have found, as yet.

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