Quick NBA Jam footage teases Wii owners

I can see the Boomshakalaka getting old fast, but those graphics won’t.

6 Responses to Quick NBA Jam footage teases Wii owners

  1. srkelley says:

    Ugh, that’s a horrible Boomshakalaka

  2. garyaga says:

    loved this game on the snes.

  3. Lord Toker says:

    i’m getting more and more excited about this game. i wish the trailor was a little longer…

  4. Kyle says:

    Definitely a subpar Boomshakalaka. Not up to the Boomshakalaka standards we’ve come to expect. ESRB rating should say Rated T for “Uninspired Boomshakalaka.” Although the graphics have improved many times over since the first NBA Jam, what should gamers care about? HD visuals or fine Boomshakalakas?

  5. [obscene screen name] says:

    Who really cares about a sound bite? What will matter is if it captures that old arcade feel of the original NBA Jam. I mean seriously if this is successful and they remake NFL Blitz like it used to be, sports games will be great!

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