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Nintendos roadmap for Wii U success

Nintendo has been making a killing, especially in their home country, with the 3DS. Not only has the launch of the 3DS XL (or LL as it is known in Japan) sold like gang busters in its first week, the

Wayward Nintendo fan buys Wii for first time, falls head over heels again

The following letter comes Infendo reader Verno, who until last week, hadn’t owned a Nintendo console since the Nintendo Entertainment System in the ’80s. He never left games—opting instead to play Xbox, PlayStation, and Sega hardware in that time. But

The 10 most gameplay enabling Nintendo systems

Nintendo has a rich history of innovative and gameplay contributing hardware. You know: new hardware twists that improve the way we interactive with games. Having played all of the company’s systems since 1986, here’s how I’d rank ’em in terms

Nintendo reports $323 million in losses, decides to charge a fair price for the 3DS

Who would have know that things could change this swiftly for the house that Mario built? Perhaps because of poor sales and the impending arrival of the Playstation Vita, effective August 12th the new MSRP for a shinny new 3DS

Nintendo 3DS to receive Nintendo Video, Netflix

One of the most interesting features of the 3DS is its ability to play 3D video content. In the US, the only 3D video content to be found was a trailer for Green Lantern and a video feature jumping dogs.

New York Times on Wii U: “Nintendo has another hit on its hands”

Early praise from a respected newspaper: Two days earlier, under extreme secrecy and security precautions, I got to try Wii U for myself. My initial verdict: Nintendo has another hit on its hands, an innovative new system that has a