PS3 kiosk workers playing Wii

Staff On January 27, 2007 27.01.2007 with 9 Comments

I realize this isn’t unheard of, but it’s still a funny shot.

9 Responses to “PS3 kiosk workers playing Wii”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “hmmn, looks like its not long until our jobs are gone, meh – letts just play wii”

  2. MacUser says:

    Infendo’s using labels now? Blogger got an update

  3. Ninjapirate says:

    It doesnt get much better then this Wii FTW

  4. David says:

    Those are pretty sweet jackets.

  5. popdem says:

    might i suggest smaller fonts for the labels?.. looks a bit tacky…

  6. Anonymous says:

    uh oh! they’re playing boxing, now they’ll probably think wii sucks. boxing is the only wii sport that flat out sucks. i personaly bowl and golf everyday tho

  7. Kanine says:

    Well, who really cares what some workers from sony think about the Wii. As long as you enjoy it, then thats all that should matter. And yes I still remain Wiiless. God I need some money. Oh well schoolwork it is I guess.

  8. MacUser says:

    Anon, boxing rocks.

  9. Rollin says:

    Boxing is fun, but near broken.

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