Pre-Order The Official Infendo T-Shirt

Official Infendo T-Shirts are now available. To get one, please pre-order by June 20, 2006 by clicking the “Buy Now” button below (PayPal is NOT required). Shirts will not be available after the pre-order ends. We will begin filling orders next Wednesday, and it will take up to seven days to receive. These red lovelies cost $17.95 each + shipping ($5 US, $10 international) and are high quality, baby. Don’t miss your chance to get the coolest red t-shirt this side of the internet!

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20 Responses to Pre-Order The Official Infendo T-Shirt

  1. Anonymous says:

    i will be picking mine up l8ter i need to make some more money b4 i start spending too much like last time. almost didnt have enogh for my rent. lol…..


  2. folax says:

    what is the t-shirt brand??? american apparel???

  3. David says:

    A shirt for geeks but no XXL? Bummer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    does the url have to be underneath?? it looks stupid there, like you are really using us for serious advertisment

  5. Blake says:

    Re brand: They are called “Port Authority” which is made by Hanes and the vendor tells us it is the thickest t-shirt you can purchase and is a
    great quality t-shirt.

    Re ordering problems: select size, int’l shipping if needs be. It shouldn’t beep. You should be led to our PayPal page. It should work in FireFox, Safari, and IE, but if you have any problems with the order you can email us for help.

    Re XXL shirt size: Send us an email and we’ll make it happen with the vendor.

    Re the url: We’d love to use you as advertisement! Hopefully the url won’t bug anyone too much but it was submitted to the manufacturer.

  6. Blake says:

    Oh, and the vendor is called Drive Marketing. They do all the shirts/promo wear for AOL and even did the Joystiq shirts. Great vendor!

  7. David says:

    ORDERED! <-- Strong Bad 'Teen Girl Squad' voice

  8. MacUser says:

    I’d buy this thinner, tighter, and in black.

  9. Shinn says:

    I would so buy this… if it was in black. Red isn’t a good color on me.

  10. cdubthebabyshooter says:

    @ MacUser: That is what I said to the ladies last night, zing! Actually, that’s not funny at all, is it?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Re: colors; I agree, multiple colors would be awesome, and it shouldn’t matter to the vendor what color the shirts are, especially since you’re pre-ordering. I’d like to see black, blue, and forest green, at the very least.

    Re: URL; What if the URL was on the back, up on the shoulders area instead of on the front?

  12. FAMICOM83 says:

    Lookin good infendo

  13. DarlingNikki says:

    Sweet! Ive just created a PayPal account, and once I get some finances in their, Im buying that shirt!

  14. Anonymous says:

    how small is the small, like chest size-wise? sizing chart maybe?

  15. MacUser says:

    ^ i said that, it just wouldnt let me type my name

  16. Rangga says:

    Agree. It should have sizing chart?
    is this unisex tee, or only for Men? maybe momma geek out there will love it =)

  17. Blake says:

    Sorry about the lack of sizing chart. The best I can do is say they’re “normal” size. I always buy a large, and this one fits me fine. It’s not metro-sexual tight, just a normal t-shirt. But it does make one look sexier…

    If anyone needs a XXL or a weird size, just email us and leave the size as “choose a size.” We’ll custom order you one.

    Hope that helps.

  18. MacUser says:

    i need a metro tight one. i look like shit otherwise.

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