Poll~ Would you read a book on your DS?

Let us known in the comments how you really feel about reading books on your DS!


13 Responses to Poll~ Would you read a book on your DS?

  1. Xelpud says:

    Would I read on my DS? Possibly. Would I pay to do so? No.

    On a related note:

    (DS Reader + Project Gutenberg) > Spending 20$ on a DS book collection

  2. richufc says:

    This has been out in Europe for a while. Its a good idea in theory and the novelty factor had me interested for a bit but ultimately reading from the screen is a bad idea for long periods unless you enjoy migraines.

  3. cpl1701 says:

    Maybe on the DSi XL but not on the DSi or DSLite, and the cost would have to be pretty low

  4. TargetBoy says:

    I have, with a homebrew reader and a Games-n-music card.

  5. EdEN says:

    I’ve got 100 Classic Books pre-ordered. I travel a lot and always bring my DSi with me so having 100 books in one cart for $20 is great.

  6. lvwrrt says:

    I read on my Palm and on my Ipod Touch all the time. I love the e-reader concept and prefer reading from one of those two devices than from an actual book these days … but the DS … too small, not bright enough … tried it with home brew and didnt’ enjoy it.

  7. BlueRocks says:

    I bought an e-reader for my wife and she loves it. It came with the standard 100 Classic books. They are all popular books where the copywrite has expired and are available free to anyone. Shakespeare and the like.

    I would definitely read on my DS. And in 3D, too!

  8. Al says:

    It would be terrible to read on a DS! The screen is so small and so bright that it would KILL your eyes! And there doesn’t seem to be much to choose from. 100 isn’t actually that many. The Kindle is what a reading device should be. It doesn’t hurt, has LONG battery life, and continuously updates their infinite selection.

  9. gil says:

    $20 is pretty cheap for 100 books so yeah i would

  10. muggy8 says:

    a page on a normal book is way bigger than the biggest ds screen (dsi xl) and has way better quality so why would i bother with reading on my ds. and besides… the last time i actually read a book, it would be the instruction manual for my old DS Phat

  11. J_man86 says:

    where is the option that says “No, because books are dumb.”?

  12. EdEN says:

    @J_man86: Right next to the “I’m too dumb to learn how to read thus I think books are dumb” option.

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