YouTube Spotlight: Super Smash Bros – Did You Know Gaming?

Holly Fellmeth On Apr 08th 2014 with 0 Comments

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In preparation for today’s Super Smash Bros. Direct, I thought I’d share this Did You Know Gaming? video on the Smash Bros. series. It’s very informative, entertaining, and well narrated. Click above to learn, rapid fire style, about the series’ origins, characters that may have made it into the series, and other interesting facts.

When it comes to characters that were considered for the series, I find two to be very interesting: first, King Dedede. The video explains that he was considered for both the original Smash Bros. and Melee before making it into Brawl. Second, Dixie Kong, who was considered for Brawl. When you watch the video, you may notice that some characters who were considered for one game may have ended up in the next. This tells me there’s a fair chance Dixie Kong will make it into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. I guess we’ll find out by year’s end.

The special Smash Bros. focused Direct hits the internet today at 3:00pm PT.

Infendo Radio Special: We’ll be recording an episode of Infendo Radio right after the Direct. In addition to talking about whatever Smash Bros. news there will be, we’d love to answer any questions you might have relating to the series! Leave your question in a comment below by 4:00pm PT, and we’ll do our best to answer it during the show!

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The N-Files: Metroid and Wii U

Adam Duncan On Apr 06th 2014 with 5 Comments
The N-Files: Metroid and Wii U

Let’s pretend you, the person reading this blog, is a bottomless pit of game creation talent. You just got contracted to work for Nintendo on a one-time game deal. Satoru Iwata walks into your office on your first day, hands you the key to Nintendo’s Scrooge-McDuck money pit, and says, “Your platform is Wii U, and we’re giving you Metroid. Make it.”

There is a big part of me that hopes this scenario has already played out several times, with all of Nintendo’s franchises. I personally love my Wii U, and I love what Nintendo has done in the past with so many great franchises. Thus, I still hope there is something huge coming down the pipe. I hope this for no other reason than: there could be. Nintendo had the ball, and dropped it, but they’re still Nintendo. I still have hope.



So, back to the scenario at hand. Let’s conspire. If you had all the cash, all the permission, and all the resources at your disposal to make an awesome Metroid game on Wii U, what would you do?

Bring it online!

The first thing I would try to do with a new Metroid game is to create an online multi-player experience, beyond Miiverse. A bunch of bounty hunters running around, finding upgrades, and using them to blast away at eachother? Sounds like a Chozo engineer’s dream. I imagine something like a cross between N64 Rare’s Goldeneye and Treyarch’s Call of Duty, with something similar to Metroid Prime’s engine. Part of me feels like this should have happened a long time ago.

Don’t fix what was already awesome.

The Gamecube’s Prime trilogy was one of the most immersing game experiences to my recent memory. In HD with a new story line, I think the game would feel as fresh as ever, even using basically the same style of gaming engine.

Samus, plus the Gamepad, equals success.

This should be the franchise that answers all the questions about Gamepad utilization. One way or another, the gadgetry of the Wii U console is almost perfect for all the upgrades and suit options that Samus Aran unlocks throughout the game.

You could get really creative and do something like strapping the Gamepad to a forearm, while using the WiiMote-Nunchuk combo to navigate and shoot. Then, you could control the ship the same way Samus does, using a control scheme on your  wrist. Crazy? Yeah, but still, if that happened, you’d be matching the lore of the game to your controller, which is pretty cool to think about.

I should put a disclaimer here that I’m not a game designer, or an artist, or a coder. I don’t know what it would take to make any of this happen, or if it is possible, but I hope that there are at least a few people at Big N doing some dreaming about what is next for Metroid on the Wii U.

What would you want to see happen next with this franchise?

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Get excited: A special Super Smash Bros. Direct is headed our way

Holly Fellmeth On Apr 04th 2014 with 17 Comments

A Nintendo Direct focusing on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is on its way: on April 8, at 3:00pm PT, prepare for some news on the two highly anticipated installments in the beloved franchise.

This is definitely something to get excited about. I mean, like the Pokemon X and Y Direct and the Wonderful 101 Direct that came before, this is an entire Nintendo Direct dedicated to just two games. Two games that are arguably more anticipated by fans than Pokemon or The Wonderful 101. According to the official Nintendo Direct site, the Smash Bros. special will reveal new details about the two games. And if tradition holds, the broadcast will be around 20 minutes long. A lot can be revealed in 20 minutes. What are you hoping for out of the upcoming Direct?

Thanks for the tip, MikeIsaPoet.

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Infendo Radio Special: Interview with RCMADIAX

Lewis Pugh On Apr 03rd 2014 with 0 Comments
Infendo Radio Special: Interview with RCMADIAX


We have a very special show for you today. I interview Michael Aschenbrenner (RCMADIAX) creator of Blok Drop U on the Wii U eShop. Learn about the development process, what was easy, what was hard. We cover information about the next update to Blok Drop U and additional content beyond. We finally move onto Mike’s next project Super Robo Mouse. I even managed to squeeze out some juicy new information so listen carefully!

Breaking new: For the next week Blok Drop U will be available for the low, low price of $0.99 Don’t miss out on you opportunity to download this gem – with lots of free content on the way!


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Hex Heroes brings unique real time strategy to Wii U – with your help!

Lewis Pugh On Apr 03rd 2014 with 0 Comments
Hex Heroes brings unique real time strategy to Wii U - with your help!

Prismatic Games is currently running a Kickstarter to fund their Wii U game Hex Heroes. Hex Heroes is a very unique real time strategy game that can be played up to 5 players locally. Taking advantage of the best type of asymmetric multiplayer, 4 players operate the TV while the 5th is on the Wii U GamePad (If you have played 5 player Nintendo Land you know how great this can be)


Hex Heroes also has fun in mixing genres. The Wii U GamePad player takes the role of the Real-Time Strategy master, using the touch screen to command your units. The units however are also your real multiplayer team mates, having direct control of their units, split screen on the TV. This is a game that will require strategic co-operation and potentially make or brake friendships.


Don’t always have your 4 best buds around? No problem! Hex Heroes also has a impressive 1 player mode. You still use the Wii U GamePad as your control centre but this time you are in control of 2 characters. And to complete the feature set, online multiplayer will be included for when you simply can’t arrange everyone to be at the same place.


In addition to the very unique concept being pitched, Prismatic games has managed to convince a whole bunch of awesome indie developers to lend their characters to Hex Heroes. There are currently 6 announced and more are said to be on the way…

I strongly recommend anyone with a Wii U to check out this Kickstarter, the idea is both incredibly unique and equally ambitious.

Check out the Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prismaticgames/hex-heroes

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YouTube Spotlight: Beaten Video Games Playlist

Holly Fellmeth On Apr 03rd 2014 with 5 Comments

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I’m either tooting my own horn here, or demonstrating just  how bad I am at beating video games, but today’s YouTube Spotlight is a playlist of my own making: music from games I’ve beaten. There are 50 tracks on the playlist, though it may be missing some, as I only counted games I currently have available to me. I can’t recall the games I may have beaten when I was really young.

Since there are so many types of video games, so may ways to beat them, I have some general rules about what it means to “beat” a video game for this playlist. The most basic rule is that I have to reach the credits of a game. This works for most games, Zelda and Mario games being prime examples. However, many games have an option to view the credits from the start, or very early on. Indie games like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams are often like this. I have also reached the credits (many times, in fact) in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but I haven’t added it to the list either.

Puzzle games like Dr. Mario Online RX have their own rule: I simply have to play all the game’s modes extensively before I consider it “beaten.” Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee follow this rule to a degree as well.

Finally, I don’t have to beat a game 100% for it to count as beaten. That particular playlist would probably be somewhere between 5 and 10 videos long.

So whether you think I’m tooting my own horn or demonstrating just how bad I am at beating video games, this post does serve a better purpose: exploring the question “What does it mean to ‘beat’ a video game?” What is your answer to that question?

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