Off-topic: This science fiction demotivation poster is all sorts of funny

I understand this has been floating around message boards for a while, but I still chuckled upon seeing it.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

14 Responses to Off-topic: This science fiction demotivation poster is all sorts of funny

  1. Nin says:

    Ummmmmm not science fiction. It’s fantasy

  2. richufc says:

    I don’t get it – that’s what Yoda says

  3. Anthony says:

    Looks like trolling to me.

  4. pikminpower says:

    Isn’t every post you make off-topic, Blake? And when you do make an on-topic post, you hardly put any effort into it.

  5. BC says:

    I think the joke is that the quote belongs to Yoda, it is attributed to Dumbledore, and the associated picture is of Gandalf the Grey? A science fiction/fantasy collage of sorts.

  6. Richard says:

    For crying out loud, guys, the joke is that it’s a clueless inspirational poster that gets everything wrong!

    Anyway, it gave me a good chuckle to start the day with. 🙂

  7. ghettoska says:

    Since i don’t understand Blake’s poster (having not seen Harry, star wars, or whatever Gandalf the Grey is from), here is a Nintendo one for those who share my struggle!

  8. Artefacto says:

    It’s also a meta joke in that it’s not science fiction, and it’s not a demotivational poster. So clever, Blake. So clever many missed it.

    Troll Quotes:

  9. magnum says:

    😀 That’s like, “How many animals did Moses bring on the ark?”

  10. Nin3DS says:

    Is there really a point to making a whole post about a troll made fake motivational poster? Seems kind of pointless and not at all Nintendo related if you ask me.

  11. Blake (not that Blake) says:

    Oh come on, it’s funny. Lighten up people!

  12. The Adza says:

    Hence why it says “off topic”.

  13. deepthought says:

    blake posts a funny poster and wishes us a good weekend… and people complain? Man he just can’t win!

  14. Mohan says:

    HA, this is the first I ran across this poster, kinda cool.

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