New Star Fox game is in the Works

Will Thompson On September 1, 2009 01.09.2009 with 77 Comments


According to a source close to Infendo, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions. Nintendo is currently working on a new Star Fox game for either the Wii or the DSi. Although, there hasn’t been word on what system the game is currently being developed for. It was stated that the new installment in the series is suppose to be bringing a breath of fresh air to the series, and remain close to the games roots.

I for one want a Star Fox game for the Wii that plays similar to the Wario Ware mini game in Smooth Moves. What would you guys like to see in the next Star Fox?

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  1. anonymous says:

    I think that nintendo is planning to make some kind of really really awesome new star fox game and they are keeping it a secret from us so that we’ll be screaming like little girls when they release it.

    any ways I also got more ideas of what it should have:

    10. better music. imagine star wolf flies into the level and his theme plays but this time it is played with an electric guitar instead of just some ochestra. that would be so darn awesome!

    11. it has to have a good plot, not some spoof off of the Borg thingies from Star Trek.

    12. not only do the characters have to look good and sound good but they have to have emotions and give the player a “friendship” with them, like how we love animals because they look and sound good but also have emotions.

    13. kill of some one useless like general pepper.

    14. keep the original star fox team (peppy, fox, slippy, falco, krystal) because the games had a higher rating with those characters. that also means no letting falco leave or peppy going into a retierment home.

    15. make the game fun. I don’t want another game like Star Fox assault. I want one that lasts a long time with the best multiplayer options nintendo can make.

    16. make the team do more than just fight in wars. make them defuse bombs, stop pirates, etc.

    17. make Shigeru Miyamoto an unlockable character and his ship is a wii that has wings and stuff. Just like how James McCloud is an unlockable character in Command.

    18. if Pigma (an aparoid, which are supposed to be dead) is still alive wouldn’t it be fun to be able to harness his powers and drive some kind of giant robot scorpion thing?

    19. after you finish all the missions with the Star Fox team, you should be able to play as Wolf, Panther, Leon, and some new character in their missions. People love Star Wolf.

    20. they should make it full of action.

    if you would lik it I will share my idea for a plot with you all.

  2. Timtris says:

    I would like to highlight that according to the news, the next Starfox would be nearer from the roots of the game, which makes me believe that we could hear about James McCloud or Fox’s past, or even Miyu and Fay from Starfox 2 on snes.
    However, I hope Krystal’ll be in…

  3. I hope that Miyu and Fay from Star Fox 2 will appear in this! Both of those characters are in fan made games! Marcus McCloud from Star Fox Command should also be in this game! A story of James, Fox and Marcus would interesting!

  4. Shad says:

    Usually when a game has been dropped, new characters that were in that dropped game usually don’t come back unless it’s a cameo/wink to those who know.

    Wasn’t a fan of Marcus’ curly q.

    What bothered me most about Command, other than the rehashed levels 10 times, where StarFox 2 only did one map, was the continuity in character intelligence and personality. “HEY, LET’S BREAK UP AND COME BACK TOGETHER! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! :D” “I hate you. WAIT! I love you! I’m leaving you for a narcissist.” Remember how Wolf went from being wise in Assault to a neanderthal in Command?

    An origin game would be nice so to tell of everything that happened in James’ days of the original StarFox. Perhaps the death of Vixy, Fox’s mother? James’ connection to Wolf O’ Donnell? Something along the lines of what Crisis Core: FFVII did in telling things leading up the proceeding game. In this case, to what is the updated story connecting StarFox 1 and 2, StarFox 64.

  5. jiandogs says:

    uh…….I don’t know starfox game when come for wii.infendo said is right?

  6. Shadow says:

    This game needs to come out next year or in 2 years or so, this is the best series in Nintendo history, people who disgree should play this, its a waste of you’r time, but Andross need to come back hes my all time favorite boss, but i dont want him ending up fighting Fox, instead he needs to help Fox because of what Fox keeps teaches him huge lessons not to mess with Lylat System.

  7. Shad-
    I know. But Nintendo should bring back Miyu and Fay. Plus bring back Captain Shears from Star Fox Farewell, Beloved Falco. Who cares if that good Star Fox game got dropped, it would be neat to see Miyu and Fay.

    Marcus? He is the son of Fox, in one of the nine endings in Command. He would be perfect! Wolf being wise in Assault? Command is a DS game. Of course something is going to be wrong. Same thing with how the characters talk.

  8. Mitchel Rayner says:

    Holy Crap that would be freakin insaane if starfox wii would make a debut. It could have freakin huge multiplayer online dogfights, a gripping storyline, and could include multiple characters like star fox command did.They could even include more vehicles other than tanks and planes.There could be choppers,bombers etc. The submarine from 64 could be brought back as well. A starfox wii would be an excellent treat for all wii owners, if they add in all of the online gameplay that would would make it a blockbuster.

  9. Shad says:

    @thegreenwolf777 – Not a fan of Cornerian like in SF1? :P

  10. 08Sonic says:

    I want a Star Fox for Wii! please, Nintendo, show us a Star Fox game for Wii in 2010!

  11. 08Sonic says:

    I don’t want a DSi versión, we have the excellent DS versión!

  12. NewWaveOfBritishThrashMetal says:

    I sure hope this proposed Star Fox Wii comes out some time in 2010 or 2011. I love the idea of using the Wii remote to control the Arwing. I just hope this game disregards the events of Star Fox Command, I mean, with so many senseless endings and the nighmare game play, SFC can’t really be taken seriously as being canon.

  13. NewWaveOfBritishThrashMetal says:

    I hope that if Pigma returns (aasuming he survived the events of Star Fox Assault), it would be great to see both Star Fox AND Star Wolf team up to defeat him.

  14. Shad says:

    @NewWaveOfBritishThrashMetal: Pigma was brought back as a cube in Command.

  15. NewWaveOfBritishThrashMetal says:

    @Shad, Well I know that but Star Fox Command might not be canon.

  16. Shad says:

    @NewWaveOfBritishThrashMetal: Hopefully. A little farfetch’d for a mutated character to survive from the deformation he suffered as well as the explosion from being destroyed though.

  17. NewWaveOfBritishThrashMetal says:

    @Shad, when you put it that way, I guess there is a good reason to believe Pigma has been killed off. Kinda anti climatic that Star Wolf never interacted with him in Star Fox Assault or Star Fox Command. But as I said before, Star Fox Command may not be canon.

  18. Timtris says:

    In Starfox Assault, Pigma was possessed by the apparoids, so as Wolf’s team, Peppy, Rob, General Pepper who all came back to life…
    Was Starfox command the next episode after Assault ? Even if we fought against Pigma cube, it could have been just a cube and not his real form, such as Andross in Starwing.
    All that to say that we could meet Pigma again…

    But I have a serious question about characters who could come back such as James Mccloud because we hear about him in Lylat Wars, in Starfox adventures with the cheat tokens, in Starfox Assault with the fuc*ing Queen apparoids who apparently had datas about James… So would James be alive ?
    I was forgetting Starfox Command in which we can play him to fight this fuc*ing Anglar.

    So can we imagine that James would be alive ?
    I believe so, but this is my opinion.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Star Fox Command isn’t canon. The creators of Command said so themselves. Anyway, for the love of God, PLEASE don’t be another Star Fox like Command. In fact, just release it on the Wii. We already have one on the DS! For once, give us something other than Mario and Zelda.

  20. Fox7 says:

    A Starfox Game Soon!thats what iwant cuz i know what they do and out are going to be perfect

  21. Yaboywolf says:

    1. keep krystal in the game.
    2. make the game long and interesting. i didnt like the starfox command and the different endings. online definetly. as unlocable characters after finishing the game( every one loves star wolf)specialy me.
    5.DOGFIGHTs all they way and maybe chose between the three foot,tank,or arwing story crappy controls like a joystick
    8.if it were on foot u should have an infultration level with a co-op and have some one help u by snipeing like COD
    9.if u play as krystal u should be able to use her powers.(i have a good idea for a new character if interested…. email is the name that shows up
    10.sick and twisted weapons at your disposal.
    11.dont make it timed. have a big map for u to explore and do what the heck you want like blowing stuff up
    12.make it on the wii and maybe gcube control compatable.
    13.MAKE IT EPIC!!!

  22. ZukiTheWolf says:

    Well….Final-Freakin-lee! This is why I bought a Wii! Exactly why. I WANT ANOTHER STAR FOX game! Now that the creator of the Star Fox games is off his lazy quarter-pounder, HERE IT IS FOR HIM TO SHINE! Please make the game epic man! Add more Krystal in it too <3 BUT HARDLY ANY GROUND MISSIONS PLEASE!!!!!!

  23. swan98 says:

    if they make this game for the wii i will buy a wii (also for the new legend of zelda game), i disagree with some of you guys though i think the dinosaur planet game was fantastic have a game like that but with your blaster and way more time in the arwing make it a mixture of both and youll have a fantastic game

  24. HomelessPanda says:

    I thought StarFox Adventures was an awesome game especially on how it introduced Krystal. When Fox first saw Krystal and it started playing the saxophone in the background I started crying because I was laughing so hard. So IMO I think Nintendo should focus on having a great story, make it a very long and hard game, have the same voice actors, have a great romance story between Fox and Krystal that is funny yet adorable, have most of the levels in the arwing but have some missions like the ones from Adventures, make it for the Wii, and for my last request NINTENDO PLEASE MAKE THE GAME I’ve waited so long for another StarFox!

  25. hotelsuche says:

    Machen Sie unbedingt weiter so, ich schaue bestimmt nochmal wieder hier vorbei. SUPER!

  26. Josh says:

    Make it for the Wii U and make it look like the original ads for the SNES game!

  27. HomelessSkittle says:

    What about seeing what actually happened to krystal’s homeworld? Or see how she lost her memory and got her powers. I for one wouldent mind seeing a game more about her, we know so little.

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  29. IMO I think Nintendo should focus on having a great story, make it a very long and hard game, have the same voice actors, have a great romance story between Fox and Krystal that is funny yet adorable

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