New Call of Duty also coming to Wii

As was the case with 2008’s World at War, multiple sources today are reporting the newest Call of Duty will also arrive on Wii come November 9. Dubbed Black Ops, the shooter takes place during the cold war, and features single, multi, and cooperative play modes. That said, is this something you’re interested in playing, despite being made by the series’ second development team?

4 Responses to New Call of Duty also coming to Wii

  1. EdEN says:

    And this is one of the reasons I like the Treyarch CoD developed games over the IW ones.

  2. chris_wing says:

    Is it published by Activision? Then the answer is “no”.

  3. deepthought says:

    let’s see some wii footage!

  4. CZsWorld says:

    Oh great a war game about a fake war…

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