Mysterious Teaser from Square-Enix


Square-Enix has a teaser website up for a mysterious new game. Anyone have any idea what the game is? Could it be a remake or an original IP. The only thing that is noticeable is that the teaser website has a 8bit song playing in the background… but so far no one has figured out what game it is from.

What do you Infendudes think?

Teaser website

9 Responses to Mysterious Teaser from Square-Enix

  1. carlton says:

    Secret of Mana? Three people riding on a dragonesque thing. One male. One Female. One short thing. Sooooo. Secret of Mana.

  2. Beto says:

    Its a Final Fantasy… 4 Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden has been already announced…

    Look this picture:

  3. LeLoup says:

    I’m actually with carlton, the characters are very reminiscent of Secret of Mana in look and design, plus it’s the one good Square game that hasn’t been brought back from the 8/16 bit era.

  4. Abysmal says:

    Beto is right, it was just announced as a new Final Fantasy game for the DS that’ll support 4-player co-op.

  5. Gunder says:

    Yeah, I thought Secret of Mana as soon as I saw that. I don’t recognize the song at all (and I had the SoM soundtrack and played the game to pieces). I thought it was from Dragon Warrior at first, but that feeling quickly faded. Maybe it’s from Final Fantasy Adventure (which would back up Beto as its Japanese name was Final Fantasy: Seiken Densetsu Gaiden)

  6. GrumpyDavid says:

    Beto is correct this mystery was solved before the question was posted on infendo.

  7. InvaderREN says:

    Oh, so its not “The world ends with you 2”, then I don’t care =)

  8. Lance says:

    Not so sure about this game. It’s hard to like the FF spin off games anymore.

  9. Luigi Kid says:

    At first I thought Dragonology, but then I saw “Square Enix.” I have no idea.

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