“Mario’s Mistake” by… Anonymous?

Jack On October 5, 2008 05.10.2008 with 67 Comments

Anyone happen to know where this gem is from? It’s pure genius.

67 Responses to ““Mario’s Mistake” by… Anonymous?”

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  3. dExtEr says:

    now i get it… mario used to kill some turtle koppas.. now mario makes a mistake by killing ninja turtles… hehe..

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  5. FPM (Gerasimov - russian surname) says:

    Heh, i made it.) I’m really glad you liked it. =)
    Casey’s Jasony look was a sort of a gag actualy, as well as April’s pijama butt, wich went rather unnoticed.

    And it was indeed painted in photoshop. ;)

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  8. tylor says:

    this isn’t 4chan. your stupid sarcastic fake and photoshops and moars and all that memeish bullshit that makes you feel like a member of teh intranetz (see look now i’m doing it) just takes away from whatever people are discussing.

  9. gmik says:

    looks nothing like casey jones. whoever did this don’t know SHIT about casey jones.

  10. daryl says:

    btw the blue turtle is Leonardo

  11. srkelley says:

    I finally get this joke, I’m so slow.

  12. IHerdYouLiek says:

    yeah, this is definitely photoshopped. you can tell by some of the pixels in the lower left hand corner… and having seen many photoshops in my time.

  13. kjkrum says:

    “It makes you look stupid”

    Talk about irony…

  14. andrew says:

    LOL mario kill the mutant ninjas turtle oh mah godde ima so sorry

  15. Lord of Numa says:

    Bunch of newfags up in this bitch…

  16. Anon says:

    Wow. I didn’t get it until I read the comments (the hockey mask had me thinking Jason a well). This is some funny sh!t though.

  17. hha says:

    bit late but cool!

  18. I agree Tired, seriously. photoshop is how a vast amount of illustration is created now, editorial for print, web, video, etc. It’s never been about the tools, it’s always been about concept. What never changes is the constant quality of art displaced by all the people that walk this earth. I prefer art like this, which is, more relate able to my generation and creative and thought provoking.

  19. Haha, this is funny and I liked the art. Anyway, casey jones really looked like Jason in here. He’s even got an axe and scary.

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  21. john Turner says:

    This is Awesome, and a Game Franchise for the Future!

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