Child’s Play Charity: Mario Marathon is on Now!


Last year these guys managed to raise an amazing amount of money for child’s play. All they did was just by play all the original console “Super Mario” games. They did this to raise money for Child’s Play, the charity that gives the gift of games to sick children in hospitals all over the world. This year, the Mario Marathon guys are at it again, now with better equipment and decals on the walls.

As of right now they have beat last years amount of 11,767 dollars with 21,264.06 dollars, and they are currently playing through Super Mario Galaxy. You can view the marathon after the jump or visit their official site here!

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  1. Matthew says:

    This is great, Donate!!!

  2. Jus10J says:

    Great thing they’re doing, really.
    But you should go back and edit this post…it’s all over the place with errors!

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