Last Day to Pre-Order the Infendo T-Shirt

Today (Tuesday) marks the last day to preorder the pretty red Infendo shirt pictured right. Plop down $20 bucks for a place in Nintendo history and support the ’cause. To all those that already ordered, we thank you and will place your order promptly on Wednesday morning.

Remember: Red is the new black! (At least that’s what Mario told us.)

3 Responses to Last Day to Pre-Order the Infendo T-Shirt

  1. MacUser says:

    i want black to be the new black! or at least a really small size.

  2. theJON says:

    ^ You and I are one in the same. I need a “metro-sexual” tight black t-shirt because I’m a skinny gamer. Haha. I’ll probably order one just to support the cause, though.

  3. MacUser says:

    i know, big shirts just dont look good on small guys.

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