It’s dangerous to go alone. Wear this.

b9vfl4b63qry43dby3yfguf3o1_500Link just got a whole lot more adorable.

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  1. Lord Toker says:

    that is so cool. i wish i had one when my kids were born. granted they’re girls, but their mother and i would have enjoyed it immensely. too bad there isn’t a zelda one as well.

  2. Phil Myth says:

    If and when I have a kid they’re wearing that til they physically can’t fit in it.

    Cool as fuck :P.

  3. Brian says:

    Nobody cares what a baby wants huh? Maybe the little mini me would rather be Samus or Kid Icarus.

    It’s a super cute little outfit. Too bad we didn’t get to see it on an actual baby for 10x the cute.

  4. Andrew G. says:

    Oh. My. God. That’s too cute, especially the bottle holder!

    A knitted Samus outfit doesn’t seem safe…like, I would never put a yarn helmet on a baby’s head.

  5. Jack says:

    And a Zero Suit Samus outfit would just get you plain arrested by authorities 😉

  6. Wii Wii says:

    Very cool !

  7. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    I’m really liking the Toon Link get-up for a baby there. Imagine if there was one of a Peach or a Daisy one there for a little girl. Gaming now gone to the little tykes,…. in infant or toddler ware. Cute and sweeeett!

  8. Jack says:

    @WII-LUIGI$ WiiWare, perhaps?


  9. Jamie says:

    omg!!! that is so so cute, I so want one of these for my nephew!

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