Infendo Radio #63 – Gimme that old-time fun!


What will the Infendo Radio team talk about this week? Tune in, turn on, and find out!


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  1. jjt says:

    finally ive waited all weekend for this weeks show

  2. waltermh says:

    i agree with you completely about manhunt 2
    just one thing i would say is sony and nintendo have always had a long standing tradition of not licensing AO games, so it has nothing to do with the controversy
    nintendo was defending the game before this, and if it was M-rated i know nintendo would have no problem with it. in fact they already made a statement that games are made for all types and they support that, but they simply do now allow AO games on their system as a blanket judgement to avoid such controversies most likely. maybe also by the fact that most retailers dont carry such titles anyways.

    and i also believe their is a difference between watching a gory movie and actually performing an act. even if the tone was the real issue.

  3. Eisensammler says:

    You guys suck! You want the next GTA to be more optimistic? Wtf?! If I want want to collect coins and jump on walking mushrooms I play Mario. I love Miyamotos Games and respect his decision to make happy, family friendly games but that doesn’t mean I’m unable to enjoy adult entertainment which includes sewing off virtual arms or beating polygon prostitutes with a baseballbat until they vanish into a fading pool of pixel blood.
    How is banning a game, even if you guys don’t like it, good news?
    The argument an adult game could fall into the hands of children so don’t make it at all is ridiculous. Following that twisted logic, Ellis shouldn’t have written American Psycho. If you’re worrying about your kids playing brutal games read the frigging Wii-Manual or better even: care for them!

  4. deepthought says:

    I’m with Eisensammler.

    You guys really dissappointed me here. You’re supporting the banning of a game based on its tone. Not its potential to encourage real life violence. Just… tone.

    You don’t think you’d like the tone of manhunt 2, and therefore it should be banned. Tell me guys, does software burn at the same temperature that books burn?

  5. Kyle says:

    @deepthought and Eisensammler.

    I really don’t care if manhunt 2 is band or makes it to the game systems. Its not a game that I care to play for a number of reasons, the least of them being content.

    I feel that it was the right move for Nintendo to refuse an AO game on their system because they are sidestepping the controversy that would have followed. There is nothing that Manhunt 2 would have brought to the Wii (or could still bring) that would be worth the rhetoric that would have ensued for the months that followed.

    This isn’t a case of censorship, its a case of a company putting what they feel is best first. In this case it was as if Sony and Nintendo adverted a giant headache by turning down the massive profit Manhunt 2 would have (or could still) bring in. Its rare that you find a company following their beliefs before their accountant’s advice.

  6. deepthought says:

    I’m not talking about nintendo or sony. I’m dissappointed that the infendo guys support the de facto banning of software with a tone they don’t like. There’s freedom of speech, and there’s ‘Not exactly’. Choose which one you want.

    Support Nintendo’s licensing policy, or support a ban based on a fear of creating violence. But don’t ban it for tone.

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