Infendo Giveaway: Read Below for Details!

We have a lot of awesome fans here at Infendo.  Everyday you show us love by commenting on our articles or by sharing them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.    So we, here at Infendo, thought it was time to send some love back your way!  One lucky reader will be chosen, at random, to win a NES, SNES, Sega Combo Console!

How do you enter, you ask?

Just tell us in the comments below why you love, or why you should win the NES, SNES, Sega Combo Console, or write us a poem, haiku, or even a smiley face!  To sum it up, just comment anything below to show us that you are an Infendo fan!  The random winner will be chosen on Wednesday May 16 2012 at 5:00Pm Central Standard Time (6PM EST, 3PM PST).

The NES, SNES, Sega Combo Console is an awesome addition to any gamers collection!  I recently purchased one to play my old classic cartridges and I couldn’t be happier.  There is just something about playing the classics in their true form without emulators or downloading them from an estore.  I actually had to blow into a cartridge the other day!  My kids thought I was insane, but I proved them wrong when it worked right away.  Now my youngest daughter begs me to play Streets of Rage with her.  She has actually gotten pretty good, we got all the way to the last stage on the third try!

My wife really loves the NES, SNES, Sega Combo Console because it doesn’t waste a lot of space.  I don’t have the entertainment center crowded with three separate systems, and there aren’t a ton of cords spread out everywhere!  And not to mention, her favorite part, The retro games are fairly inexpensive!  I actually went to a local used game store the other day and picked up 7 games for under $20.00!

If you are a gamer at any level, be sure to comment below to be entered into our free giveaway!  The Lucky person chosen, at random, will walk away with an awesome gaming console, a bit of nostalgia, and some major bragging rights when they beat my personal best on Super Mario Bros (11 times straight through without dying)!

51 Responses to Infendo Giveaway: Read Below for Details!

  1. Jason says:

    I’d love to win and bust out some River City Ransom for NES or maybe some classic Super Mario Kart for the SNES 🙂

  2. Nicole Price says:

    Hmm why should I win this… One it will make me SO much more hotter to my husband, which he would say is impossible, but the fact I wont let him touch it I think will be a turn on. Two, I had a shit mothers day cuz we were poor, THIS would fix that. Three well I could say all the bad things that happened to me in the past 6 months but who cares really. I an a super nerd gamer, BUT only on THESE consoles and Im sick of emulators on my PC and wii. Plus I have awesome boobs. The End.

  3. Jackie Larose says:

    Dude I hafta win this it looks awesome! xD

  4. Paige Beals says:

    Winning is cool 😛

  5. Jon Davidenas says:

    I love because I find it to have a unique, personal feel to it that none of the other news places have. On top of it all, the news is just Nintendo! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Juan Garcia says:

    if i don’t win 500 kittens will die every hour, please pick me, for the kittens

  7. SometimesIpoopOnTheFloorAndPeopleSlipOnItAndDie says:

    First of all, a reason to like is ’cause it’s a great source of information and news for video-game which I, of course, love~

    and as for why I should win: ‘CAUSE I’M AWESOME! jk xD


  8. Yasmeen Montano says:

    *clicks on NES, SNES, Sega Combo Console* OHHHH! So that’s what a NES, SNES, Sega Combo Console is. Well you learn something new everyday!

  9. Because I’m teh yook, the unbeatable bitch who takes down anyone with knowledge.

  10. Thomas Truong says:

    Now that is something I want for my collection.

  11. Alex Ferguson says:

    I should win because the other day I snuck into Miyamoto’s office by hiding in a box snake style. He was working vigorously on F-zero for the wii u, whilst eating a 5 layer burrito from Taco Bell. Dang, I didn’t knew they had those out there!

  12. doc says:

    This would be a nice gift for checking in on infendo everyday

  13. dale serpas says:

    this is a great site and all and winning something like a multiplayer deck is great also,but what is needed is fans and people who like and enjoy the site and not give away a prize for whoever wrote the best thing on the site. if you really want to enjoy the site,then do what is right and let everyone have fun on a site that one day will rock everyones world instead. so have at it and make this the best site you can,but without the thrills of winning something.

  14. TheTrueNoir says:

    That looks awesome! I’d love to be able to play my old games again. If only they’d make a Sega Game Gear knock off…

  15. Jaimecjr86 says:

    I Love Infendo, Im A Huge Fn Of Nintedo too! And I Would Like To win Becuase I Love’d To Add Thoses Consoles To My Retro Collection Of Video Games!

  16. Fahmii says:

    I love Infendo
    They write about Nintendo
    I don’t know kendo

    (I really want this awesome giveaway)

  17. Petey05 says:

    I love infendo because I don’t have to weed through the other systems news to get to the good stuff. This combo system looks nice, as would it sitting right in my living room.

  18. Shizknocko says:

    Infendo is Awesome!

  19. Mr McSquirtz says:

    Infendo is my one stop shop for all things Nintendo. With in-your-face articles, reviews, and news sections any video gamer can fulfill all of his video gaming needs.

    Oh, and pick me! I like stuff

  20. Delirious AL says:

    I’m probably related to Mario. Half of Italy is related to me, so why not Mario? Also, I just ate a box of Nintendo gummies. They taste extremely mediocre, but it’s the nostalgic value that’s attached to each character being crammed into my mouth that provides the true satisfaction. And I write Nintendo fan-fiction. 😮

  21. Mr. J says:

    Infendo was the first site to break the Maka Huhu shortcut news to me. You guys rock!

  22. Chee Her says:

    I better win or else……

  23. Michael Larson says:

    I have been a fan of all things Nintendo since the launch of the NES when I was 4 years old. This system would be a great addition to my video game collection of over 200 games dating back to my original NES.

  24. Chris Sanders says:

    I just found out about this site, but this looks cool. I hope I win ^_^

  25. Jesse says:

    Well I love Infendo because of the opinion articles… They are just dandy! Also… It would be great to win this. I’m a HUGE retro gamer.

  26. Fuzz says:

    you are my first, my last, my everything
    And the answer to all my games
    You’re my NES, my SNES, my Gamecube
    My kind of wonderful, that’s what you are
    I know there’s only, only one like you
    There’s no way they could have made two
    You’re all I’m gaming for
    Your news I’ll keep for evermore
    You’re the first, your the last, my everything

    And with you I’ve found so many games
    A site so new only you could bring
    Can’t you see it’s you
    You make me play this way
    You’re like a new Zelda, on a new Wii
    I see so many ways that I
    Can read here till the day I die
    You’re my un-reality, yet I’m lost in a-a-a a game
    You’re the first, the last, my everything

    I know there’s only, only one like you
    There’s no way they could have made two
    Infendo you’re my un-reality
    But I’m lost in a-a-a a game
    You’re the first, you’re the last, my everything

  27. patricia says:

    this system will have a place of honor in my entertainment center should i win =)

  28. gojiguy says:

    I love Infendo,

    Not because it’s the most up-to-date, not because it’s a big site with lots of sponsors and a huge network, not because it is nintendo-flavored and not because I always agree with what is written-

    I love Infendo because it has passionate writers that aren’t afraid to write critical, insightful articles.

    As for why I want the system? Well, I love classic cartridges- something about owning the real game and authentically playing it- not a rom. It’s great.

    And my NES and Genesis are borderline ruined. I cannot get them to work. My NES never worked, actually… I got it as a gift and only once could I actually get it to boot up but it wouldn’t recognize any games. 🙁

  29. Bailey says:

    Infendo is the place where I get all my info. The articles typically have valid arguments, follow-up questions, and accuracy. Also, infendo isn’t bought off by game companies to say what they want, unlike a certain IGN….

  30. EdEN says:

    This would be great since my NES power supply died last week. Might even make me buy my first Genesis cartridge!

  31. Karan Sohal says:

    Let me win! I have been reading your articles since Bovember and love them. Also i really want a NES because my idiot of a cousin sold mine 🙁 and i want to play FF1-3 on it again! So let me win! 🙂

  32. josh says:

    I want it. Give it to me.

  33. Bbelt says:

    Ive been here since the flap on the Revolution was thought to contain a projector. Since a screenshot of Toad was thought to maybe mean the Revolution would display stereoscopic 3D. I was here when many believed the “ON” was actually leaked from Nintendo HQ, and when we thought the system might be named “Go.” Through good times and bad, Infendo has been my home page since 2005. I’m now looking forward to reading all the reactions to Wii-U from the Infendo community. And posting about how much I love my new 3 in 1 console 😉

  34. XCWarrior says:

    Nice job on the redesign. I have all my old systems still hooked up, but this would be great to have for the systems I do not own.

  35. Joshdad says:

    For me, Nintendo is about some of the best gaming memories. From the original NES, all the way to the Wii and the 3DS, I have so many amazing memories of playing some fantastic Nintendo games.
    Now I’m getting to share more memories with my son, as he grows up playing Nintendo games as well.

  36. wakko1337 says:

    I want this prize so bad, I’m going to go back to Tuesday, May 15th, and yet STAY in Wednesday to get it, just like the article says!

    No but seriously, it’d be pretty freaking boss. I’ve never owned a SNES.

  37. Dustin says:

    Witty comment 😀

  38. frstOne says:

    Can people outside the US participate? Anyway, sign me in, my friends and I will make good use of those consoles!

  39. Stan says:

    Infendo is the only place
    where Nintendo is valued above time and space.
    And it is for this reason
    that I visit Infendo every season.
    In the winter, when it snows a lot,
    That is when Nintendo releases are hot.
    In the spring, when the flowers bloom,
    And late winter releases still loom.
    In the summer, when the heat is intense,
    But there are seldom any games worth my cents.
    In the fall, with folliage precipitation,
    I sit eagerly in Nintendo anticipation.
    And through it all, Infendo stands tall,
    From winter, spring, summer, and fall,
    Giving us news we cannot ignore
    and entertaining articles that are never a bore!

    (Best read in an Old English accent)

  40. Mike says:

    This system might be the only way my daughters can play Uniracers.

  41. Diagoras says:

    Your site has been very informative in the five years I’ve read it, and has been a very good alternative to the other mainstream sites out there. Thank you for providing this service.

  42. Mongoose says:

    You finally got me to comment.
    The truth is that I’ve enjoyed reading Infendo from the non-commenter shadows for a while.
    However, I’ve got this one SNES cartridge called “Earthbound” and I’ve been itchin’ to play it on something besides an emulator.

  43. I love Infendo because it is run by hardcore Nintendo fans like myself, and I love to see the latest Nintendo news responded by real fans.

    I also really love the Infendo Radio podcasts- I always look forward to the new ones. They are very well planned, and I really like the discussions.

    I would like to win any of the consoles, mostly because my Wii broke, so I am without a Wii and VC until the Wii U, and going back to some good old retro is always fun. Also, I do Let’s Plays on YouTube (Video Walkthroughs) and would love to LP some.


  44. Greg in PA says:

    ive never heard if this console before but it sounds quite awesome. ive been coming to infendo since the gamecube days and continue to check the site pretty much daily 🙂

  45. Shane Kenny says:

    I love infendo because they keep me up to date on new things which I get to hear about before my friends know about it and then I get to rub it in their faces because I know more than them 😀

  46. JoelIsDrinkingABarrelOfLemonade says:

    I believe I should win this (i’m not too late, am I?) because I actually had a Super Nes, but it was my big brother’s, and by the time he didn’t want it, the Super Nes was missing the cable from it. So I never got to play the games. I only remember a Mario game on it, but that’s it. I want to time-travel to the first era of video gaming via this prize!! 😀

  47. AlfredWegener says:

    I love Infendo because their writers almost always have interesting things to say. I’ve been coming here for a couple years now and I’ve seen writers come and go, but they were all great. I would say Infendo is at its best now, with so much diversity on the site. The community is friendly, as are the individual users. It’s just a combination of all the good qualities that should be in a video game website.

  48. craig says:

    i want to win becaise i have never won anything, not even in school contest, this would be nice cause i love classic games

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