Impossible Mission – coming to Wii Shop Channel

Staff On May 2, 2007 02.05.2007 with 13 Comments

According to the Preview section of the June 2007 Nintendo Power, a remake of the classic Epyx game, Impossible Mission, is coming to Wii via the Shop Channel. The game was announced by developer System 3 several months ago, but this is the first confirmation about how it will be released to Wii owners. It’s something Nintendo hinted at a while ago, but this is the first confirmation of a non-Virtual Console title to be released via download. An actual game card of the game will be produced for DS as well.

13 Responses to “Impossible Mission – coming to Wii Shop Channel”

  1. InvisibleMan says:

    I really enjoyed Mission Impossible… on the Commodore 64!

  2. MacUser says:

    Finally, some non-VC games!

    And @ IMan, it’s Impossible Mission, not Mission Impossible.

  3. cronotrigger913 says:

    Oh thank the heavens, finally. Now let’s bring ORIGINAL stuff to the VC.

  4. David Taylor says:

    C-64 FTW!

    Stay a while…stay FOREVER!!! That game ruled.

  5. Jeff Rivera says:

    Best. Intro. Ever. “Another vistor…”

  6. Doug says:

    this is very interesting. i wonder how many more will end up like this


  7. Anonymous says:

    you were cited by kotaku… interesting…

  8. FunkYellowMonkey(PS3 tag) says:

    Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever!…

    Those words are forever etched in my head, thank you Mr E.Atombender.

    Agent 4125 :)

    ~~~FunkYellowMonkey(PS3 tag)~~~

  9. ryan says:


  10. Michael says:

    Yeah, I would’ve enjoyed it on my Atari 7800, but it was UNBEATABLE!!!(literally, look it up) You’ll understand my hesitation in picking up the remake.

  11. cronotrigger913 says:

    Oh wait, this is a re-imagining of the game, like what Digital Eclipse did with Symphony of the Night. Now I get it. So it’s kind of original then, but not fully. Good times ahead, I guess.

  12. raindog469 says:

    Hope someone actually plays through it before it gets released to ensure it’s not actually impossible, as the C64 version originally was….

  13. Eliquid says:

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