Have you played Animal Crossing lately?

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  1. IamAwake says:

    lol, that was hilarious!

  2. Jake Barber says:

    It’s funny you ask. I’m playing City Folk for the first time in a while, and my town looks like the aftermath of nuclear apocalypse.

  3. Skotski says:

    I played it like a month or two ago.
    And I played it for quite a while.
    I payed off ALL my debt within two weeks (I fish for hours at a time… at the beach all the time, no river fishes for this big spender).

    I made my main room a post-apocalyptic scrounger’s theme (with dirty walls and floors but have several technologically-themed items and knick-knacks).
    I made my top room a beach (it has beach tables, lounge chairs, seashells, a bbq grill, a drink cooler, a recycle bin, some litter, and a hammerhead shark).
    And I made my basement into a classy cafe/bar (with kegs, a bar, a crappy TV for the bar customers, fancy couches, tacky fancy decorations, and a jukebox).
    …and my closet is FULL of rare Mario-themed items

    I stopped playing for a while, my next aim for the next time I play (which will probably be in 3-5 months) will be to pay off the town funds.. my gf already got herself a fountain and is halfway to her lighthouse.

  4. I’m afraid to go back to my GameCube game’s town. I think one of those creepy little animals would shank me.

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