First-look at DJ Hero controller to be shown at E3


It’s only a partial shot, but was uploaded to Tweetpic by an account labeled DJ Hero. I wonder where the orange and yellow buttons are?

7 Responses to First-look at DJ Hero controller to be shown at E3

  1. Squinge-O-Matic says:

    This is real?

  2. Lord Toker says:

    really a dj game….next there will be “marching band wii” with trumpet and sax controllers and you can not get laid at home.

  3. doughboy74 says:

    Here is the website:

  4. Lite (on a Windows 7 beta!!) says:

    BEASTIE BOYS!!!!!!!


  5. Craig says:

    When I heard abou this series I thought it was some kind of joke. I’m surprised more and more details on this game are being announced. I personally think Activision is milking the Guitar Hero franchise for all it’s worth with this game.

  6. Joltman says:

    Why does there have to be an orange and yellow button as well?
    Especially for a turntable? A guitar is definitely in need of 5 buttons, but a turntable? I think not.

    I am interested in seeing how this controller will operate, though.

  7. Really now? says:

    That thing has nothing in common with how a real DJ would use his decks. Obvious fake.

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