Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Pre-Order Swag

Square Enix has announced that North American Pre-orders of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm will include a Grip Stylus that can be personalized with one of 17 included character stickers (while supplies last) .

What I like about this offer is that it is not exclusive to a retail outlet.  I can pre-order at Gamestop, Walmart, or anywhere else that is convenient for me.  Not only that, but I can also receive a physical item that I can actually use.

Obviously, this stylus is not going to cause mass riots to purchase the game.  Nevertheless, I really like the stylus.  I am not a fan of exclusive pre-order content at all, but items that I can actually hold onto and that are not exclusive to only one retail giant are always welcome.

What are your thoughts on the stylus and stickers?  Have you ever been excited by a pre-order exclusive, only to get it and find that it was a disappointment?  Maybe you received a pre-order exclusive that exceeded your expectations?  please share in the comments below.

One Response to Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Pre-Order Swag

  1. Richard says:

    I can’t wait to buy this game, but the only thing I like about this bonus (besides gettting a free stylus) is the chocobo sticker. If they were giving away chocobo keychain figurines, I’d be pre-ordering right now.

    My favorite pre-order knickknacks were the Lego Rock Band keychain and the Scribblenauts hat. My least favorite pre-order experience was when I picked up my copy of Super Mario 3D Land at Gamestop and the employees had “no idea” where they’d put the box of Mario keychain giveaways.

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