ExciteBots: Trick Racing box art

Here it is. If it continues the simple formula of the original I’ll pick it up, but that turtle bot in the corner is disconcerting, to me, for some reason. Thoughts?

And btw, “compatible with Wii Wheel” is idiotic. Wario Land is “compatible” with the Wii Wheel too, because it’s just a frickin’ piece of plastic! However, it’s good to see online support at least mentioned, as it was severely lacking from ExciteTruck.

UPDATE: Screens and an article for ExciteBots from the latest Nintendo Power. My interest has been tickled, to say the least. A lot of the ExciteTruck vibe appears intact. Even the turtle grew on me a little. Must be the catapult.

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  1. Hunter says:

    I am sure everyone will freak out about it being kiddified, but I am pretty sure the Excite series was always a G rated affair. The helicopter has some potential. What I hope is that you can customize your rig sort of like Banjo Nuts and Bolts, but with a racing focus.

  2. atlantis1982 says:

    It amazes me that we haven’t even heard of this game till the Spring game release list. -.-

  3. Reynard says:

    Eeeeh… no.

    Not because it’s ‘kiddified’ but because the style looks tragic especially that retarded turtle thing. You know what would be a good game to resurrect or take the style for an excite game? Stunt Race FX.

  4. DaveRage says:

    For once Jack and I agree. That turtle has got to go. This has kiddie title written all over it.

    Oh well, I can still go back to Excite Truck and beat it on mirror mode.

  5. Liraco says:

    “compatible with Wii Wheel” is only idiotic if you’re willing to call parents and casual customers idiotic. Harsh words, so chill.

    You’re not getting anything taken away with that added in there, and it lets parents know that the circular chunk of plastic they bought their kids will again be usable for this game. Maybe they had a blast and want another similar driving experience, this will certainly make that clear to them.

    As for this game… please leave the MP3 track ability for the SD cards, make the stunts easier to pull off with the motions, and I just hope those vehicles are varied enough to warrant playing with them. If it’s at least the same as Excite Truck, we’ve got a good game here.

  6. Jack says:

    @Liraco: I own TWO Wii Wheels, BTW, and I even prefer it at times in Mario Kart Wii over the other set ups, but my opinion on the graphic “Wii Wheel Compatible” still stands.

    @daverage: Glad we agree, but you seriously need to stop summarily dismissing games for such minor quibbles. Loosen up, man!

  7. Jamie says:

    So it’s excite truck with weird trucks? wha’s with that turtle-mobile 0.0 I wan’it??

  8. Jonkind says:

    Why can’t they just make Excite Truck 2? I mean the original just needed some relatively minor upgrades and it would’ve been just fine. Some more tracks, better music and an online mode (even if just leaderboards or time trials) is all it really needed.

    The best racing game that has a similar feel to the original Excite Truck that I’ve played is Pure – it’s ATV racing but it has the high speed boosts and long trick jumps. Great stuff but it’s on 360 and PS3 only, unfortunately.

  9. rawktapus says:

    Actually it looks like all the cars seem to be based on animals, not just the turtle. The yellow car appears to be a frog-mobile, while the red one looks like a lady bug. The purple one in the back seems to be a bat or something. Not sure what the black/pink thing is. I don’t know why people are so critical of it. It looks fun. No less “kiddy” than Mario Kart.

  10. gojiguy says:

    I waited three years for this?

    Come on. The original Excite Truck gives Motorstorm a run for its money and now we’ve got airplanes, mechs, buggies, and turtles with big goofy eyes?

    Let’s hope it’s good. I don’t wanna look like a dork for playing it without it being any fun.

  11. deepthought says:

    yeah it’s kiddy. reminds me of bob the builder.

    but who cares- maybe it will be fun.

    still, can’t disagree more with the idea that “original Excite Truck gives Motorstorm a run for its money.” man, i love me some pacific rift with friends.

    i feel like racing games are best played split screen- you can better laugh at each other

  12. Hawkeye_a says:

    Yuck! Looks like Pokemon meets Excite truck. What a waste to time and resources for a dev team. For some reason a demo of GT5 seems a lot more appetizing to me.

  13. peshue says:

    I’m gonna hold my judg
    ment on this one. The cars look a little lame but I want to see where they’re going with all this.

  14. DaveRage says:

    It appear Pacific Rift will continue to be the king of off road racers for some time now. Its only competition is the upcoming Fuel from Codemasters.

  15. Jack says:

    Hey guys: Screens from the latest Nintendo Power. I’m pleased to report the ExciteTuck vibe appears to alive and well, with some new stunt tricks and visuals thrown in there too:


  16. JagsRock95 says:

    Its not that its kiddie but it just looks like a bad idea why put in these ridiculous looking vehicles when could have had a great game with more trucks, customization, and online play?

  17. Derek says:

    I’m actually interested in this, particularly if it addresses some of Excite Truck’s shortcomings.

  18. Atlantis1982 says:

    I heard the starting price is going to $40.00, if it is true then it might bring in more customers. 🙂

  19. Nexpert says:

    Loved Truck, sounds like I will buy bots, on one condition, that they keep the custom soundtrack from SD card feature in.

    I love my Initial D tunes blasting away as I drift and jump around corners. Can’t wait to take it online.

  20. Run line 10 says:

    This is not that bad. I don’t mind the cars or mechs. I just want to play it. I wonder if they did put the trucks back in wouldn’t they only need to exaggerate the style to make it work? I’m thinking they are trying to get more people to like this game. Back in the day I had no problem playing mario kart for the first time, why should this be any different?

    It’s funny though, from a design point of view the some what realistic style made the HD guys think it was suppose to be a sim. I can understand why they did this and I’m sure it will still be fun.

  21. Eons_past says:

    Anyone doubting this game needs to read the Nintendo Power article. This sounds like good Excite Truck fun but with better vehicles, more modes, and more personality.

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