Evolution of Nintendo

Essel Pratt On February 27, 2012 27.02.2012 with 14 Comments

With Nintendo evolving once again with the release of the Nintendo 3DS as well as the anxiously awaited Wii U, I thought it would be cool to look back at Nintendo from its beginning.  Above you will see the classic logos. Below, you will see the evolution of their consoles and handhelds. 

What was your favorite Nintendo system?  What was it about the system that makes it your favorite? 

Essel Pratt

Essel Pratt

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14 Responses to “Evolution of Nintendo”

  1. NimH37 says:

    Ya’ know… I’ve been down with Ninty since NES. I’ve owned every system excepting VirtualBoy and GB Micro. Nostalgia aside, I’m really loving this generation of Nintendo. With the VC services on Wii and 3DS, I’m living it up for real these days. Club Nintendo Rewards is like icing on the cake! Rayman Origins on the Wii with my fam is the best… I (unlike many so-called Ninty fans) have very little to complain about. 3DS rules and I can’t wait for WiiU.

  2. Artefacto says:

    You know, Nintendo actually released two previous home consoles before the Famicom, but the Famicom was the first one to use cartridges for games. It’s also missing the arcade games and the toys they did that eventually turned into games like Wild Gunman. As for favorite console, it’s most like the SNES for its amazing library of games that still hold up to this day, and for harboring Earthbound.

  3. Âlvärö says:

    For me it’s a ríe between SNES for the many great games in its library and N64 for the multiplayer fun…

  4. Kaherka says:

    This chart doesn’t quite make sense.

    It shows the GameBoy advance micro as an evolution of the GameBoy Advance Wireless adaptor!?

  5. Ki says:

    I too have owned all Nintendo systems on this chart except the virtual boy and micro boy. My favourite system was probably the N64 as I was the right age for it, just entering teenagehood. It was also the first system I bought with my own money (going halfs with my older brother). Plus I must have spent 100′s of hours playing Goldeneye with my friends (best multiplayer experience I’ve had to this day).

    Second would be the SNES purely for the great library especially Secret of Mana with it’s ability to play with 3 people! My friends and I didn’t get that game until after the N64 and it was pretty much the only other game to pull us away from Goldeneye.

  6. The Adza says:

    My favourite Nintendo system is the DS for its vast library of RPGs and games that were pioneered there like the Brain Training and Professor Layton games. I’m almost positive the 3DS will overtake it in my eyes given time. Next would have to be the Wii. I’m not ashamed to say it. The Wii was fantastic. I have played that thing more than any other console save for the Dreamcast and that was only time spent playing PSO. MarioKart, both Galaxy games and NSMBW, and SSBB, all get played regularly.

  7. Stan says:

    This chart has too many errors. The Game Link Cable was introduced with the GameBoy Color line, not the GameBoy Advance line. The Pikachu N64 was not a new generation of consoles, just a redesign. The Mario picture on the top left is from SMB2 on the SNES and is not indicative of the SNES generation. And Virtual Boy WAS a next generation console.

    Furthermore, it is not visually appealing either.

  8. The Power Glove, Power Pad, U-Force and a bunch of other controllers and extras are not in the list above =(
    (Yes, I prefer the NES, because it’s 8-bit and got some really AWESOME GAMES) =D
    And the FAMICOM !!

  9. Muktar Nagoda says:

    I have types nintendo except virtual boy and micro my favorite game is SNES i am waitingfor coming of wii u3d to my country

  10. shawn says:

    The super nintendo ware else can you play chronology trigger Finley fantasy 3 and sk countrey 2 didy kong’s quest

  11. milijon says:

    You forgot Play and Watch Panorama

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  13. Anon says:

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