Update: Did Target, Amazon, and Best Buy just reveal the Wii U box art?

Wii U software box art

According to retail websites, Target, Amazon, andBest Buy, have updated their catalog with the final Wii U software box art. At this time, the final box art designs have not been confirmed by Nintendo, so it’s quite possible these are just placeholders.

The supposed final designs do resemble that of the Gamecube software box art with the curved Wii U logo portion at the top. In addition, the fairly new Nintendo Network logo is shown on the box.

If these box art designs are indeed true, what are your thoughts? Yay or nay?

[Update] – According to an update from Gametrailers, the box art has been confirmed to be legit by Ubisoft.

6 Responses to Update: Did Target, Amazon, and Best Buy just reveal the Wii U box art?

  1. Batmyke says:

    I dig it. Call me a fanboy, but no matter what anyone else says, I like the name ‘Wii U’, I like the design of the logo (especially the ‘U’ part – mirrors the tablet controller screen), and I like the clean, simple way this treatment frames the name while leaving plenty of room for the cover art itself. Yay!

  2. Waseem Hammoud says:

    Definitely a yay!

  3. DevinShadowV says:

    If so that is really simple and effective.

  4. Ben says:

    Looks good to me!

  5. FrX says:

    I dislike the colour. It screams for attentions.
    It should be as clean and basic as possible. That colour will distract your eyes from the box cover shown below it, especially when they don’t match well. Like in the box art pictured here.

    Plus, what’s with that colour scheme anyway? Does it reflect the Wii U in any way? And that yellow curve.. Seems to be tacked on for no reason whatsoever.

    The Wii’s and 3DS’s boxart was way more effective in that matter: recognizable, simple and more in the background.

  6. grantha says:

    It looks like color changed Gamecube box design.

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