Design the new Infendo shirt, win cool crap

We planned to celebrate Infendo’s fifth birthday with new t-shirts. That didn’t happen in time, because our staff aren’t very good t-shirt designers. To make things right, we’re turning things over to you, like we did last time.

Here’s the deal, aspiring designers: Submit your design(s) in ai or eps format to [email protected] by May 18 for your chance to win some cool Nintendo swag I’ve been sitting on. The winner, as selected by the staff later this month, will also receive a free t-shirt that will surely be immortalized. We hope to have t-shirts a couple of weeks before E3.

Can’t wait to see what you handsome people come up with. Good luck!

5 Responses to Design the new Infendo shirt, win cool crap

  1. garyaga says:

    I will be grabbing one this time. I missed out last time.

  2. Fesworks says:

    What is the price point going to be?

  3. Ode says:

    It’s been 5 years since the beginning of rumors and speculation started coming up about the Revolution (Pre or post E3?)

  4. cmdg says:

    I might sound dumb saying this…but what is ai or eps?

  5. MrMiyamoto says:


    They are vector image file types. Good for things like t-shirts and other media that require a large degree of scalability. Vector images can be enlarged indefinitely, while raster images (ie. images on this web page and most other images (jpg, png, gif)) become pixelated/blurry when enlarged even when special scaling methods are used.

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