Could We See Rareware on the 3DS?

Something that I always found interesting is that Microsoft does not offer a handheld version of the xBox.  As the mobile gaming industry is exploding (just look at the 3DS sales), it almost seems that Microsoft has just given up on the handheld game.

Something else that I find interesting is that Rareware (wholly owned my Microsoft) has, in the past, released games for the DS.  Diddy Kong Racing and Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise for the DS were both released during Microsoft’s ownership of Rare.  It is also rumored that Banjo-Kazooie could be in development for the 3DS.  I would assume that Microsoft thinks of Nintendo as less of a threat than Sony, and I doubt we will see any Rareware  games on the Wii/Wii U.

Rareware has released an official statement regarding development for the 3DS:

“No 3DS plans have been announced, and I’ve heard nothing along those lines, though of course that’s not an outright denial as there are bound to be all sorts of things going on at a high management level that most of us know nothing about (and, conversely, things we do hear that are apparently not true at all – those personal hovercrafts are taking far longer than expected). So that’s the best you’ll get for now.”

What are your thoughts on a Microsoft Subsidiary developing games for the 3DS, is it a good idea to have competitors working with each other, or is this purely about profits?

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