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Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) Review – Something Entirely New

[This post has been updated to include both Steve’s and Mike’s reviews, and thus was republished]   Monster Hunter Stories was a bizarre, mixed-bag of an announcement when it was initially revealed. Not quite Monster Hunter, not quite Pokemon, the

Infendo Review – Furi (Switch)

You awaken in a jail cell, bound. In front of you starts a man with three demon masks. He attacks you, telling you you’ll be here forever. He clearly enjoys punishing you. He walks away, and suddenly another man, this

Infendo Review – Red Game Without A Great Name (Switch)

A small but admittedly pretty game, Red Game Without A Great Name is a pretty straightforward affair; You play as a little mechanical bird who has to deliver mail. The bird travels forwards automatically, and you tap it on the

Infendo Review – Serial Cleaner (Switch)

Serial Cleaner is a really simple game. The goal is to infiltrate a crime scene and dispose of any blood, bodies and evidence that might be present, then escape. What this leads to is a stealth-based game that takes place

The Year of the Gamer – Mario, Zelda, Cuphead and more!

It’s a pretty great time to be a gamer. Whether you prefer a quiet solo session of adventuring or some online action with total strangers, it seems like there’s really something for everyone out there this year, and honestly, that’s