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The 10 Best Nintendo Horror Games of All Time

Although Nintendo’s renown for making family-friendly games and it has created several generations of avid gamers, the publisher has also made a few great horror games as well. While they are few and far between, we’ve seen some real gems on

Infendo Radio 395 – Compassionately Counteracting Capcom’s Clemency

The dust has settled, e3 week is finally behind us, and we finally have a clearer picture of what Nintendo is planning for the rest of 2017 and beyond. While not all the Infendo crew is in agreeance, each member

Infendo Radio 394 – It’s e3 Week!

It’s e3 week, it’s Monday, and Infendo Radio is on now! First of all we apologize for the dip in audio quality. We are rolling off of our backup recording audio (thank you YouTube) because SOMEBODY (Eugene) was using the

The Best 7 Nintendo Games That You Will Always Love To Play

Nintendo games have always been one of the favorites among the people of all the age-groups. And ofcourse you shouldn’t be unaware of the fact because of the high-popularity and successful nature of the game. Moreover, you can even buy

Infendo Radio 393 – Got the Whole Covfefe Back Together

Man it sure has been some kind of week. About T-Minus two weeks until e3, and the leaky ship that is Nintendo has already provided us with ample leakage. Maybe a sign that Nintendo may be holding some big secrets

Best Retro Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo has long been one of the best video game console producers in the world. Alongside their fantastic franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, they have also created some of the most influential and successful consoles