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USB-enabled NES controllers will turn you into a bigger pirate and open your eyes to great homebrew games

Computer emulators and ROM games are fun for about 10 seconds. After that, you realize how sucky they are without official controllers. Enter Infinite NES Lives, a one man shop that hacks console controllers to work with USB and/or Wii. Other

Concept designs of Infendo’s unreleased console leaked to internet

In a corporate debacle of elephantine proportions, images of Infendo’s unreleased 2D console controller leaked to the internet today, brining the information superhighway to its knees. “Who knew there was this much interest in the horse and buggy of console

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Have 3DS questions? Infendo Radio has answers!

If it weren’t for the NCAA tournament, I would have already logged a dozen 3DS hours since first receiving it yesterday. Nevertheless, I’ve spent several hours with the hardware and four launch games to form some initial opinions that are,

3DS in da house! Infendo introduces the most stunning 3DS unboxing on the Internet

Beautiful hardware under warm incandescent lighting. Now I’m off to try software. In the meantime, chew on these (42 images total). 

Listen to this week’s Infendo Radio, win Kirby’s Epic Yarn

In case you haven’t heard, Infendo Radio got a 1up this month. It no longer rambles. It’s short and sweet. And your hosts have a lot of fun recording it. Whether you used to listen to Infendo Radio during the