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Casino kid – a great NES game

Casino kid is a great Nintendo game from the late 1980’s and an early example of a casino game. Games of its type were exceptionally rare during this time period. A game like Casino Kid managed to fill the gap for

The NX Launch Games Are Perfectly Timed

We might not know too many details about Nintendo’s next console just yet, but reports of the first games that will be available indicate a few exciting titles. As of now, it sounds as if five of the games that

Help Wanted: Volunteer Bloggers and Writers

Have something to say? Do you keep you finger on the pulse of video games as it pertains to Nintendo? Can you filter news from noise? Can you link to cool crap with witty one-liners? Can you spare 15 minutes

Get A New Infendo T-Shirt

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Are you getting too old for long games?

Someone at 1UP is… What I know I would like to see is developers recognizing not everyone can play games for long stretches at a time and creating ways that make it easier to play in smaller bursts. Not enough

Amid massive infighting, Infendo Radio canceled this week

INFENDO HEADQUARTERS— Egos collided last night as Infendo Radio personnel fought and bickered over minor programming notes. “Blake is such a tool,” said a visibly distraught and out of breath Derek. “I just had to punch him. If there’s one thing I