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Weekend Discussion: EA Now Bashing Sony

We all know that Electronic Arts has a Love/Hate relationship with Nintendo.  Well, they love to hate them.  However, they have been pretty quiet on the Nintendo front lately.  However, yesterday they released this little gem aimed at Sony: “Sony

Weekend Discussion: Wii U VS Wii VS Xbox One VS PS4

With the holiday season fast approaching, and the imminent launch of the Xbox one and PS4, Nintendo seems to be having a little difficulty separating the Wii U from the original Wii.  To help differentiate the Wii U from the

Weekend Discussion: Suspension of Swapnote

Are you a fan of Swapnote?  If so, have you received any inappropriate notes via the service?  Apparently, many have received and sent such notes.  Although Nintendo has not identified what types of offensive material have been sent via Swapnote,

Weekend Discussion: Scariest Nintendo Game?

Since Halloween is fast approaching, and I am a sucker for good horror (Maybe that is why I chose to write in the horror genre?), I thought it was the perfect time to discuss our favorite horror Nintendo games, as

2DS Screen Replacement Cost Revealed

According to the team over at Destructoid, if you break your 2DS screen you can expect to dish out $65 (plus shipping)for the replacement.  Obviously, physical damage will not be covered under the manufacturers warranty so it is essential that

Weekend Discussion: Would Another Industry Crash Be Beneficial?

Would a gaming collapse help the industry?  I ask because we seem to be in a gaming drought,overall.  Sony and Microsoft seem to believe that beefing up their machines, makes them next gen worthy, along with adding in various other