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PSA: Gamecube Controller Adapter For Wii U Only Works With Smash Bros

It was originally announced yesterday that the Gamecube controller adapter for the Wii U would be compatible not just with Super Smash Bros., but with all games that made use of the Wii U Pro Controller. Sadly that is not

Amiibo NFC Figurines Ready For Pre-order

The first batch of Amiibo figurines from Nintendo are now available for pre-order on Amazon. They will carry a pricetag of $12.99 and the characters that will be available at this point are: Peach Donkey Kong Fox Kirby Link Mario Marth

Gamecube Controller Adapter Coming Soon

Nintendo just announced that there will be a Gamecube Controller adapter coming to the Wii U soon. There is no release date or price for the adapter as if right now, but this means you’ll have one more way to

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby announced

Nintendo has announced two new Pokémon remakes for 3DS. Veterans of the Pokémon and newcomers will be able to experience Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this November when the game hits shelves.

April Fools: Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

Google started up April Fools a bit early on March 31 this year with their Google Maps Pokemon challenge.

Pokemon Anime Headed To Netflix

Nintendo has announced through their Pokemon website that Pokemon will be available to be streamed on Netflix starting March 1. Episodes available as of now are the classic episodes, Pokemon Black & White and Indigo League. Two movies are also available: Pokemon