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I think we all know what the 3DS needs

Mii. As in, me. That’s a play on words, see. If you’d like to raise the bar—if not the battery life—for your Nintendo 3DS, consider adding the ginger half of Infendo Radio to your fancy new handheld. Thanks to the

Before his return, reminisce over his past

In just a few hours, Donkey Kong Country returns. Excited yet? I am. Like, a lot. I’ve had bananas and barrels on the brain for days. In fact, for the last week over at my day job, I’ve been revisiting

Limited-edition Metroid shirt available today

With the release of the controversial Other M, Nintendo has given Metroid fans a closer and more intimate look into the eyes of their alien-hunting heroine than ever before. Well, the closest look they’ve had for another 20 minutes, anyway.

Despite full schedule, Link easily distracted

Only a Zelda game can make doing menial chores for total strangers fun. These are some of my favorite side quests. What are yours? Or aren’t you a fan of Link’s distractions?

The hairier they are, the further they fall

The sales chart above chronicles the decline of Nintendo’s Donkey Kong franchise, a once-proud series of elite games now seemingly relegated to mediocre spin-offs and low-key handheld titles. From this brief article taking a retrospective look at the decline and

Ape and hog ousted to similarly loony tune

Nintendo’s mascots know how things work in Kyoto. It’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about whether your cap has an “M” on it. As its unabated string of Mario sequels and spin-offs suggests, Nintendo knows who butters the corporate