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Pause Menu: The New 3DS and Nintendo’s strange sense of timing

The recent  reveal of the New 3DS was an odd one indeed. In fact, cast your minds back to when the Circle Pad Pro was first shown and Nintendo insisted that there would not be a revision of the 3DS that

Pause Menu: What do you hope to see in the new Legend of Zelda?

After reading Holly’s Retro Redux, I was inspired to create an ongoing feature myself. As the title suggests, it will be a weekly article that I hope will provide food for thought for you readers. So welcome to the Pause

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will not be region locked between Europe and North America

Good news from Capcom, as the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s online and offline multiplayer  will not be region locked between Europe and North America.  Online play will, however, be region locked between Japanese players and Europe, as well as

Post E3 London event impressions: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Another round of punishment awaits. I was very surprised to find a playable demo of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and this is the one title I wish I had more time with. I only had enough time to hunt one

Post E3 London event impressions: Hyrule Warriors

This was the game I was most eagerly anticipating and it didn’t disappoint. The demo consisted of two playable characters Link and Zelda, the difference between the characters was greater than expected as Link has his traditional sword and shield

Dragon Quest X is coming to 3DS in Japan

In a strange turn of events Square-Enix has announced the MMO based Dragon Quest X is coming to Nintendo’s latest handheld in September. The 3DS version will connect seamlessly with the PC, Wii and Wii U versions. There is still