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Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo – Part 4 Famicom

Welcome to the Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo! Join us as we chronicle Nintendo from their humble hanafuda beginnings, to the dominance of the Wii and DS and beyond! When last we left Nintendo, the company was just starting to crawl out from behind their toy-making shadow with their entrance into the arcade market. At this point, many key people at the company were beginning to emerge w...

Infendo Radio Episode 278: Happy 30th Famicom!

  Scott Pratt, Harrison Milfeld and myself (Lewis Pugh) welcome you to another enhanced podcast. In Episode 278 of Infendo Radio we go double-team on a better late than never review of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, discuss the latest Nintendo News from Pokemon NFC figures  in the USA to a M rated Phoenix Wright. Finally we celebrate the 30th birthday of the Famicom by trading some classic ...

Old Famicom Games – Nazo no Murasamejou

Nazo no Murasamejou was one of the few original Nintendo releases that never made it outside of Japan; this was due to its limited sales success. The game features a similar engine to The Legend of Zelda, but it also features a similar Super Mario style time limit. This was done to make the game a linear fast paced action game.

Super Famicom classic controller available to all on Play-Asia

Previously only available through Japan’s Club Nintendo, the classic controller that looks and functions identically to the original SNES/Super Famicom is can now be ordered from anywhere on Play-Asia. Play-Asia does claim that it is the “club-nintendo limited edition” and not a re-issue, but at $75.00 US the offering won’t entice but the core collector. The site does not i...

Japanese wall of Famicom nostalgia costs $7,300

Importers and Japanese residents might want to get down to gaming mecca Akihabara today. Why? Because some crazy store is offering a “complete set” of 1,051 Famicom games for about $7,300. Complete set is in quotes because there’s a small caveat: “‘[C]omplete set’ here refers to all the retail Famicom games sold from 1983 to 1994 and not the crazy rare (and pric...

Famicom card holders for nerdy businessmen

Now you’re working with power! Nerd Approved posted yesterday a beautiful selection of business card holders in the form of deliciously retro Famicom game cartridges. The card holders can be purchased from Game Asylum for $8.80 each. They are available in Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber, Balloon Fight and Famicom controller varieties. Be ready to bookmark, th...

DJ Famicom

Flickr user minusbaby has some sweet pics of his Famicom DJ setup. Not sure how he pitch shifts the music for seamless mixing, but it looks rockin’ none-the-less.

Famicom Micro Comes Early

Originally slated for the tail end of December, the US release of the Famicom-themed GameBoy Micro has moved up to December 4th. The limited edition Micro will go on sale for $99, deemed the “20th Anniversary GameBoy Micro.” Cop it while it’s hot. [Source: IGN]

Famicom Micro Coming to States

Reggie and co. continue to amaze. Only a few months after the Japanese release, the US is receiving the Famicom themed Game Boy Micro in late December, making it the perfect last minute Christmas present. Sure, an NES Micro would be nicer for us, but rest assured- when they make it, we’ll get it first. Until then, get yourself a “FaMicro” this holiday season![Source: Joystiq]

The Emulation Situation

I think it’s safe to assume that most gamers have dabbled in emulation at one point or another. It’s a quick and easy way to play rare, foreign, and classic games. It is also a handy way to keep all of those games together without taking up a lot of physical space. To its detractors, emulation is as bad as stealing. You’re playing a game you didn’t pay for on hardware the c...

Chance Time – Test Your NES Knowledge With Our Quiz

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was the one that started it all. How much do you know about this groundbreaking home console? Take our short quiz and find out! Have more questions you’d like asked in future quizzes? Comment down below or reach out to us on our Discord!



Review: NES30 Pro and FC30 Pro Controllers by 8Bitdo

All-in-all, I am happy with my purchase. The controller works great on puzzle games, and I am confident that it will work well with NES Virtual Console games if they release on the Switch. It does not work for modern games as well, as they are designed around modern controllers. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. It is the perfect size to take on a trip, and even (some models) come with...