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New trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, Team Skull and new alola forms

Nintendo has released a bevy of new information about Pokémon Sun and Moon in their latest trailer including the alola version of Raichu and the introduction of Team Skull. So much new information! Even though I’m trying to stay as

Pokemon Sun and Moon officially announced

The news of the new Pokemon games comes from a new Pokemon-centric Nintendo Direct that happened today, ahead of the series’ 20th anniversary on February 27. Not much is known about the game besides a new legendary had been revealed

Nintendo celebrating Pokémon World Championships with Gamestop event

Want to be the very best that ever was, but didn’t quite make it into the 2016 Pokémon World Championships? Fear not, because Nintendo and Gamestop have got you covered. This Saturday, August 20th from 12PM-3Pm, select Gamestop stores will be

Majora’s Mask: Misunderstood Masterpiece or Overrated Oddity?

Last week’s Nintendo Direct has the Nintendo Universe buzzing with excitement, much of it stirred up by the announcement of the Majora’s Mask remake coming to the 3DS. While many are bouncing with excitement, others are cringing at the thought

Nintendo’s Post-Holiday Line-up Revealed!
Release information on No More Heroes, Megaman 10, new Wii Remote bundles and more!

The new year is nearly upon us – it’s time to scope out what releases just barely missed holiday release, what games to look forward to summer for, and the games we hope to see by holiday season next year. 

Infendo Radio 375 – Two is Better Than One

Infendo Radio

What can we say, the weather wins again. While we were planning to have Justin back for his triumphant return, but Mother Nature had different plans and decided that podcast night was the perfect night for a New York power outage. While