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692 – Pokémon Direct Highlights and Red Dead Redemption on Switch

Tune in to episode 692 of Infendo Radio as we explore the highlights from the August 2023 Pokemon Direct presentation and discuss the exciting announcement of Red Dead Redemption coming to the Nintendo Switch. Join us for engaging discussions and updates on our ongoing gameplay experiences.

689 – Exploring the Pokemon Go Plus + and Game Updates

Join us in episode 689 of Infendo Radio as we explore the newly released Pokemon Go Plus + device and provide our insights on the latest game updates. Dive into our gaming experiences and discussions as we share our thoughts on the latest features and functionalities.

679 – Exploring Nintendo Systems and the Latest Pokémon Stadium Release

In episode 679 of Infendo Radio, we explore the exciting news about Nintendo Systems Co., Ltd., a joint venture subsidiary between Nintendo and DeNA, focused on the Nintendo Account. Join us as we discuss this upcoming venture and share our thoughts on the recently launched Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo Switch Online.

674 – Breaking Down the Latest Pokémon Company Video Presentation

Join the Infendo Radio crew as they discuss the latest Pokémon Company video presentation and their recent gaming adventures.

Building a Strong Pokémon Team: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to build a strong and competitive Pokémon team? Whether you're playing Pokémon GO or another Pokémon game, this step-by-step guide will help you create a powerful and balanced team.

Get Your Game On with Free Pokémon Games

Discover the world of Pokemon with two of the best free Pokemon games, Pokemon UNITE and Pokemon Go. Join the Pokemon community and explore the world of these games today!

Infendo Radio 660 – Pokémon and Mario Trailers!

Hello everyone, welcome to Infendo Radio 660! This week we talk about our first impressions from the Pokémon and Mario trailers. After that we talk about all the games we have been playing in the Change The System segment!

Infendo Radio 651 – Sweet Pokémon

Infendo Radio 651 is on now! This week we talk all about the recent Pokémon news and then we talk about all the games we have been playing in the change the system segment!

I Think Pokemon’s Been Great Lately … Am I Part Of The Problem?

With Pokemon Legends Arceus less than a day away and my hype having already blown several holes through my roof, I decided to try to contain my excitement by watching the same trailers for the game over and over, analysing every little detail and making assumptions about what my in-game journey is going to be like. However, despite all of my repeat viewings, I apparently missed a very big detail r...

Pokémon of the Day! – Nidorina

Nidorina, The female's horn develops slowly. Prefers physical attacks such as clawing and biting, Pokémon Red Pokédex entry

Pokémon of the Day – Escavalier

Pokémon of the Day! – Sliggoo