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726 – 3DS Fallout Mod and Nintendo YouTube Leak

In Episode 726 of Infendo Radio, we delve into the latest gaming news, covering topics such as a Fallout mod for the 3DS and a concerning incident involving a former YouTube employee accessing and leaking Nintendo's private videos. Tune in for all the details and more!

711 – Switch 2 Rumors and Shantae’s 3DS Reprint

In Episode 711, we delve into the intriguing Switch 2 rumors and celebrate the limited reprint of Shantae And The Pirate's Curse for 3DS. Tune in for the latest gaming news and discussions!

677 – End of an Era: Farewell to the 3DS and Wii U eShops

Join us on Infendo Radio Episode 677 as we discuss the closing of the 3DS and Wii U eShops on March 27th. Tune in for a nostalgic trip, insightful talks, and a peek into the future for Nintendo fans.

It’s-a Me, Mario! Time to Say Goodbye to the Wii U & 3DS eShop

The Nintendo eShop closing for the Wii U and 3DS is around the corner. Find out what this means for gamers and how to prepare for the change.

McDonald’s DS: The Behind-the-Scenes Training Game

For the first time, Infendo brings you the story behind the unseen McDonald's DS, an educational video game exclusively used for training new McDonald's employees. Read on to learn about the game's unique features and gameplay modes.

Infendo Radio 622 – Infendo Game Awards!

Welcome to Infendo Radio 622, recording live during the The Game Awards 2021! On this week's episode we talk a little video game news before talking about the games we have been playing in Change the System!

Infendo Radio 611 – MetroidSpective

Welcome to Infendo Radio 611, so happy that you stopped on by! First talk about the news and then we hit the games we've been playing in Change The System!

Infendo Radio 586 – 25 Seconds to Escort

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This week, we discuss the recent news in the Change the System segment then answer your questions from the Question Block!

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Lands on Switch Today!

Those of you who have been impatiently waiting for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield to drop will have a little relief – As long as you’re willing to cross party lines to make it happen! Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition (whew, that’s a mouthful) launches on Nintendo Switch today, October 18th. Running at $50, the game actually contains both the original Cyber Sleuth tit...

Infendo Radio 510 – Welcome Jesse From NintendoDads!

Hello there and welcome to Infendo Radio, you're looking sharp this morning! This week, we talk all about gaming as a dad as we welcome special guest Jesse Waldack from the NintendoDads podcast!

The Swords Of Ditto Review

There are many things I like about this game, from the simple story, to the fun gameplay, to the easy-to-play battle mechanics, as well as a few areas where I feel this game falls flat. With that said, let’s dive into this review for The Swords of Ditto.



Amiibo Cards: By BigKidToys

Several months ago, I found an amazing thing from Etsy.com. I found out that there are several sellers out there that actually make Amiibo Cards! Now, for those of you that have listened to Infendo Radio, you’ll know that I am a collector of sets of things. I feel the need to have complete sets, which has been my downfall with collecting Amiibo over the years. It is so expensive, and some of...