3DS loses its training wheels and upgrades to a kickstand. Or something like that.

So Kid Icarus: Uprising has had a pretty rough game development cycle to say the least. What started off as a 3DS launch title has since been delayed numerous times and is now slated for a March release. In my hands on with the game it was easy to see how fun the game could be, but there was one glaring problem witht the game. Playing it was simply not comfortable. Nintendo seems poised to address the issue once and for all. They are including a kickstand. 

Well at least it’s free. I’m not sure much I will be using the stand, but it is good to see Nintendo doing this as an act of good will to hands everywhere. In other Kid Icaurs news, use of the Circle Pad Pro can be utilized if you are a lefty to control your character with your right hand, while aiming with the left. Whew! I was worried that Link wouldn’t be able to play.

What do you think of this new-fangled stand? Will you be using it to fight of Medusa and her forces of evil?

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  1. Bowser says:

    It’s “loses”.

  2. Bowser says:

    …and “its”

    … =)


  3. CZsWorld says:

    So much for this being a portable system. I’m starting to want to jump on the “3DS is a flop” wagon.

  4. Fuzz says:

    This is ridiculous. I was first disappointed hearing the controls were tailored to the right handed. Now having a kickstand means that even for righties, they are admitting it is going to be uncomfortable to play on the go. I mostly game on the bus, and was really looking forward to playing this, but with these 2 major issues I just can’t see buying it. And this is from someone who played the original all those years ago and buys pretty much everything Nintendo.

  5. reinhold says:

    Good time to jump on that band-wagon when they’re announcing it’s shattering records.

  6. GameCollector says:

    @CZsWorld/Fuzz: Yes, the optional attachment is screwing over the 3DS and this game. Because the game includes this optional attachment you shouldn’t ever consider buying it.

    This is fine by me. I’ll use it when I’m at home, and not use it when I’m on the go. I don’t see why everybody is flipping out about this. Nobody’s forcing you to use it, and you don’t even have to pay any extra for it, it’s included with the freaking game. I, personally, have never had a problem with action filled games and the 3D.

  7. Richard says:

    Aaaargh! As a fan of the system since day one, I *hate* this!!! This is so bass-ackwards it’s really embarrassing. If a game’s uncomfortable to play, you should send it back to the drawing board and *fix* it, not shrug it off and apply a stupid plastic bandage. Seriously, what’s wrong with the Kid Icarus development team that they didn’t address the painful-to-play situation right at the start? Nintendo really tripped up here, I hope they learned their lesson and never let something like this happen again. Sigh.

    @ CZsWorld: that “3DS is a flop” bandwagon derailed weeks ago since 3DS turned into one of the fastest-selling consoles of all time with a bunch of awesome games to finally back it up. But, yeah, this is not a good attachment for a “portable system.”

  8. Richard says:

    @ GameCollector:

    The reason I’m flipping out about this: it’s a lousy fix for a problem that should have been ironed out early on in game development. If you were designing a huge game for Nintendo, and testers were giving you negative feedback regarding comfort and controls, wouldn’t you fix it? Just as a car shouldn’t explode in rear-end collision, games should not be uncomfortable to play on the system they’re designed for.

  9. Eugene says:

    Thanks, and thanks.

    As for the peripheral/game controls: One of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy Metroid Prime: Hunters on DS as much I could have was because the controls were uncomfortable. Same goes for Uprising.

    I understand that programming dual analog controls via Circle Pad Pro would have taken extra time/resources, but as Richard said and I agree with, the gamer shouldn’t have to fight with the controls. I’m sure the game will be really fun to play and bet I will enjoy it a lot, but the control scheme is uncomfortable, there is no other way to put it.

  10. Fuzz says:


    How about you calm down and re-read my post so you understand what I was saying.

  11. monkat says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is, entirely.

    I play my 3DS mostly at home anyway–and it’s not mandatory to have! From what I understand, it is similar in control to Metroid Prime Hunters, which bundled with a bloody cast for you to wear on your hand. It isn’t mandatory, and will only make it more comfortable when you have the time at home to play it.

  12. Abdulla says:

    Wow really people?
    This isn’t something new, there were several stands for the DS. This was made because people were complaining about how the controls cramped up their hands. People just wanna hate on the 3DS for no reason. Personally I’m not gonna buy this if it comes over to the west but seriously people these days love to complain about OPTIONAL things.

  13. Guch says:

    I like it, or rather, wouldn’t mind having/using it at all. I get pretty lazy and don’t like holding my DS/3DS up after a while, and a stand is something I dig. And being free? Count me in.

  14. frstOne says:

    As someone who plays mostly at home, this is actually an interesting accessory.
    And I don’t remember Metroid Hunters being overly uncomfortable, but I’ll have to play it again to confirm :P.

  15. Josh says:

    I love the 3DS, but honestly, it is a very uncomfortable system to play on. I’ve never felt such uncomfort playing a Mario Kart game before. Even Super Mario 3DS is straining on my hands. It makes me long for a slower paced game… Fire Emblem anyone?

  16. Kaherka says:

    So often while playing I end up blind… my hands have jostled too much during the action and my eyes lose the picture and I just can’t focus again until I slide the 3D off and back on again. So maybe this stand will help with that problem.

  17. EdEN says:

    Don’t see what the problem is with holding the system with one hand and using the stylus in the other… is how we played most DS games! But it’s free, so no complaints. It will be great for watching Netflix as well.

  18. Richard says:

    If Ii was running a game company and a developement tean turned in a finished product with a control scheme that caused so much discomfort that a big plastic accessory had to be designed, manufactured and given away in order to make the thing more playable…

    I’d be…rather cross with them. 🙂

    @EdEN: Yeah, it will be nice for Netflix.

  19. Richard says:

    …”development team,” that is…:)

  20. sam says:

    i love the idea because i lost half my thumb and index finger so i cant ptoperly play and support the 3ds with my left hand anymore.

    I know people with neurological problems that cause their hands to shake and this will help them as well. Nintendo made this attachment because of feedback from people at e3 and other events. Some people found it difficult to play such a stylus heavy game.

    please dont be mad about an optional attachment that some people will actually benefit from.

  21. Richard says:


    I’m glad the attachment will help you enjoy the system. That’s awesome, and probably the best thing about the add-on. But it still doesn’t excuse the Kid Icarus team for sticking to a control scheme that so many players find uncomfortable. Shouldn’t a game ideally be a joy to control on the hardware it’s developed for? Seriously, if Sony pulled a design fix like this for Vita, we’d be mocking it mercilessly.

    Again, though, I’m glad you mentioned the stand’s best reason to exist.

  22. wakko1337 says:


    MP:H came with a cast thing? Are you sure? Because I bought mine right away and it didn’t come with one…maybe I was too early for it haha.

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