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The History of Nintendo, The Musical

To celebrate their 400th comic strip, Brawl in the Family creator Matthew Taranto put together a wonderful and well-thought out musical number chronicling the long history of Nintendo as a special gift to his fans. At just under four minutes, Taranto

History of Nintendo’s handhelds

Gamepro has a great piece up about Nintendo’s long history in the handheld market. Noticeably absent is the Game & Watch series, but everything else is there. I can remember paying a ridiculous amount at my local import shop to have a Game Boy

Youtube Tuesday – History of Nintendo [Icons]

Remember back in the day when G4 use to be a good TV Station about video games?

The History of Nintendo

In case you haven’t already seen this oldie but goody, Gamespot has a nice little profile on Nintendo’s longstanding history in the entertainment business. From the article: “Nintendo has been in existence in one form or another since 1889, making

Nintendo’s surprising history in gambling

Gambling in Japan is not yet legal, at least not in the general sense. Horse racing and pachinko machines are a dime a dozen, But you won’t see any casinos in the Land of the Rising Sun, at least not

Nintendo and EA: A Love/Hate History

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of tension between our beloved Nintendo and the Gaming giant Electronic Arts.  With the announcement that the Wii U would not receive the new Madden, and the disappointing news about the Frostbite