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Metroid Prime 10th Anniversary Retrospective

November 17, 2012, will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Metroid Prime on the Nintendo Gamecube. It is in this editorial that we’ll look back at the game’s development history and legacy. Every console generation, there comes a

Nintentunes is on now!

In my short time as an Infendo contributor, Nintentunes has been one of my favorite parts about writing for the site. Although not everyone may care for the weekly (sometimes) segment, I love reliving video games through the fantastic music emerged throughout

Could Iwata’s days be numbered?

The evidence is fairly obvious- Nintendo’s change in business strategy under the leadership of CEO and President, Satoru Iwata, brought the company back from the depths. Back in the GameCube days of the early 2000’s, many had ultimately consigned Nintendo

In case you missed it, Super Mario Land 2 stands the test of time

A lot of “classic” games haven’t aged well. Sure, some have nostalgia, but they also rely on outdated gameplay. Super Mario Land 2 isn’t one of the games. On the contrary, it’s downright delightful, on par with what you would

What if Nintendo had pulled a Microsoft on “red ringing” NES consoles?

Six months after the NES launched in Japan in 1983, Nintendo engineers learned that “certain games caused the system to freeze,” according to Game Over, the best biography of Nintendo you’ll ever read. As for the malfunction, think of it

Infendo’s Top 10 Mario Games

[In honor of the Super Mario Marathon, we re-publish our Top 10 Mario Games list!] Now that we’ve had some time to digest his latest adventure, the Infendo offices have been buzzing with debate. It spilled over into last week’s