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If you ran Nintendo, what would you do with the Game Boy line?

In 2005, Nintendo released the last Game Boy, the Game Boy Micro, which was an miniaturized version of the popular Game Boy Advance. That same year, the Nintendo DS had already began its surge as the most popular gaming system in the world. We haven’t heard a peep from the Game Boy since.

Game Boy Timeline

After 20 years, the Game Boy really hasn’t changed that much, as this nifty timeline shows. Head on over to Gizmodo for a full resolution image.

Oh, the Game Boy turned 20 today

Happy 20th, you little game changer, you. Often imitated, never duplicated, you still rule even in lite (sic) of your offspring’s wild, wild success.

Nintendo Spotting – Game Boy shell for Iphone

Pick up these cases from an unknown location Japan. link Do you have any Nintendo spottings? Snap a pic and send it to tips@Infendo.com

Classic Commercials – Game Boy

One of Nintendo’s first commercial campaigns aimed at sucking in the adult/parent market. The DS has certainly improved upon those goals.

Milestone: Nintendo DS passes Game Boy Advance

Just a quick hit for you Nintendophiles this morning. The torch has officially been passed. The venerable Game Boy Advance stepped aside sometime in the last few months and allowed the Nintendo DS to take a seat on the portable throne. During the April 2008 to September 2008 period, the Nintendo DS shipped 84.33 million units worldwide. The GBA, to date, has shipped 81.36 million units. Game Boy A...

Brilliant! Next-gen games with Game Boy, NES graphics

They’re calling these de-makes, in the spirit of Mega Man 9 and, *hopefully* Castlevania. Not real, of course, but it’s yet another example of this new kind of movement, where yesterday’s gamers are resurfacing with an appetite for great games with simpler graphics.

I miss you, Game Boy Player

I’m currently playing Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3), which is great, but I wish I could play it on my TV. In my effort to consolidate consoles and still play every Nintendo game in 2006, I hastily got rid of my black GameCube after Wii launched. I’m now regretting it–I want a Game Boy Player. In any case, how much you wanna bet the next DS will feature a Virtual Handheld that sell...

Game Boy named most indestructible gadget

Crave says the original Game Boy is the toughest consumer electronic device ever made. From the article: There’s no two ways about it: the original Game Boy is one of the hardest gadgets ever conceived. Rumour has it this beige behemoth isn’t made of plastic, but from the skulls of fallen Gurkhas. If you ever saw one that was broken, it’s because it lost a boxing match with a nuc...

Rumor: Game Boy games for DS

OK, so how about an evening rumor or two for those of you not watching the World Series right now (or those of you without a laptop on your couch, a la me)? Animal Crossing might eventually be MMORPG some day, and Game Boy games could be coming to the DS in downloadable Virtual Console form. Remember these are just rumors, supplied in a single article by EDGE magazine, but that sounds pretty cool ...

10 years after death, Game Boy creator lives on

On October 4, 1997, Gunpei Yokoi, the father of the Game Boy and a Nintendo icon, was struck by two vehicles, pinned and crushed while attending his own damaged automobile. He died two hours later from his injuries. Now, this isn’t some post that asks “what could have been at Nintendo” if Gunpei had remained with us, because he had actually left Nintendo to work with Bandai to de...

Game Boy Rock – what’s your favorite?

Good ol’ James Kochalka is whipping up a new Disney show theme song with the music built around Nanoloop for the Game Boy. Other artists have created all sorts of music using similar methods. What are some of your favorites?