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Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure Heads to 3DS in “early 2012”

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure isn’t just a really long game title, it’s a really long game title for a game that happens to be for the 3DS. Sega looks to have a winner with Rhythm Thief, as it

Minna no Rhythm Tengoku tops Japanese sales charts, Wii’s elsewhere jealous

Aside from the occasional Virtual Console or WiiWare title, I am sad to say that my Wii has received as much action this summer as the pimply kid on prom night. Thankfully there are  titles in the pipeline such as Skyward

Nintendo Powers Top Ten Games

Nintendo Power may be over, but they have left their mark in the history of video games.  Over the years, many games have graced their pages.  So, it only seems fitting that Nintendo Power created a list of their top

What Time is it?! Adventure Time Video Game…Time!

Shmowzow! It looks like it’s pretty official now – there’s an Adventure Time video game coming to the 3DS and DS this Fall, as confirmed by the press release posted on the Frederator Studios blog. Creator of the wildly popular cartoon series,

How I’d love to see Nintendo exploit iOS

Nintendo faithful, please don’t take offense at what I’m about to say. I’m not suggesting for one moment that Nintendo get out of the hardware business or port its most famous characters to iOS. I’m a card-carrying 3DS fanatic, and

The History of Nintendo, The Musical

To celebrate their 400th comic strip, Brawl in the Family creator Matthew Taranto put together a wonderful and well-thought out musical number chronicling the long history of Nintendo as a special gift to his fans. At just under four minutes, Taranto