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Free DLC from WayForward is the Way it Should Be

Yesterday’s long-awaited, story-extending DLC for Batman Arkham City, which came with a $10 price tag, reminded me of a similar game-extending gem that hit Nintendo’s e-Shop last week for WayForward’s excellent platformer, Mighty Switch Force. Five new levels, a new

Wayforward putting all their chips with eShop going forward

At a time when many development studios are in danger of closing there doors, or in the case of Visceral Games and Bizarre Creations,they already have, it becomes apparent that the business of video games can be rough at times.

Mighty Switch Force coming from Wayforward

It’s no secret that Infendo loves Wayforward Technologies and the unique titles they bring to the table. From Contra to Shantae, Wayforward has delivered the goods. In an interview with Nintendo Power Matt Bozon reveals what the studio will be

Indie Indeed: What Makes an Independent Game Team?

Lukas Termini Independent game design is something that we discuss a lot on Infendo Radio, and as a subject it’s been particularly thought provoking for me. This is because I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life with the

Shantae and Shovel Knight Coming to Blaster Master Zero as DLC

In the Indie game scene, seemingly everyone is friends. Dust: An Elysian Tail saw many favorites from the indie scene make a cameo appearances, such as Meat Boy and Bandage Girl from Super Meat Boy, and The Kid from Bastion. It