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A Review: Simplicity + charm + rhythm = Rhythm Heaven Fever for Wii

At first I was surprised that Rhythm Heaven Fever didn’t include motion in its control scheme. The controls, in fact, are infinitely simple: the “A” and “B” buttons are essentially the summary of control for the entire game. Upon thinking

Did you buy Rhythm Heaven for DS? Would you support a U.S. release of the Wii sequel?

Rhythm Heaven, one of the DS’s funniest and most original games, is getting a Wii follow-up in Japan. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a North American release. U.S. sales of Rhythm Heaven didn’t reach Brain-Age level heights, despite a

Go buy Rhythm Heaven if you haven’t already

I’ve been playing Rhythm Heaven for a couple of weeks now, and I gotta say these game is a hoot. If you liked Elite Beat Agents, or are a rabid rhythm game fan, it will challenge your skill in new

Rhythm Heaven DS!?

Rhythm Tengoku Heaven is a simple and infectious rhythm game that anyone can play. If you can tap your finger in time to music, you’ll get the hang of Rhythm Heaven in no time! Players hold their Nintendo DS system

16 Rhythm Heaven Commercials

Promoting this month’s release of the Warioware team’s music title “Rhythm Heaven (Risumu Tengoku),” Nintendo has posted five web exclusive commercials for the game in addition to it’s eleven TV commercials which are also accessable on the site. To be

Review: Groove Heaven 3DS

Before its launch yesterday, I had the opportunity to demo Groove Heaven from Teyon.  You play as Rhymi, a a little demon girl, that has the task of delivering a love letter from the devil to a beautiful angel that