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Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney TGS Trailer, It Is Here

Q. What is a much better idea that a Metroid and Star Fox crossover?   A. Proffessor Layton vs Ace Attorney, of course!   A new game on both series has been highly anticipated, but getting both in one game

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Nearing Completion

Back in 2011, there was news of a little game called Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney.  A shiver of excitement roared through the fan base.  The cheers could be heard across the Nintendoverse…then there was silence… That silence has finally

An Infendo movie review: Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

A recent arrival for North American home video, Professor Layton’s movie debut is that rarest of creations: a genuinely good game-based movie that completely captures the charm and appeal of its source material. If you’ve ever played a Layton game

Professor Layton and the Last Specter review: The weakest game in the series is still a blast to play

This puzzle adventure had some pretty big shoes to fill, yet I’d hoped Professor Layton and the Last Specter would somehow top the excellence of last year’s Layton game, Unwound Future. That didn’t happen. What I experienced was 15 hours

Could there be a better crossover adventure mash-up than Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney? I don’t think so.

There may not be any English in the trailer, or much of anything that makes sense to me because I don’t speak the Japanese language, but that isn’t stopping me from getting excited about he upcoming  Professor Layton vs. Ace

Professor Layton & Phoenix Wright cross-over coming to 3DS

This sounds like a very early April Fools’ prank, but Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is an actual game that Level-5 and Capcom are putting together for the 3DS. I cannot wait for those accusatory fingers come pointing out of