Youtube Tuesday: What’s goin on in your Town?

Do you know it has been almost 8 years since the original Animal Crossing was released on the Game Cube? Ever wonder what happened to your town?

I’m actually too scared to boot mine up.

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  1. DBB says:

    Mine probably got lost in the digital ether!

  2. gojiguy says:

    Gee. It’s sad how little the series has evolved since the N64…

  3. Guch says:

    Weeds, weeds, and sad neighbors.

    Ah, nothing can beat the GCN Animal Crossing, the new ones are sub-par extra.

  4. Metal_Link says:

    I don’t want to know what happened to my towns people… it’s been too long.

    Just like Nintendogs.

  5. Ptolemy says:

    The weeds in the Wii version aren’t as bad as they used to be if you were to let your Gamecube town languish. I still pop into both the DS and Wii versions on occasion. I keep to myself, and never really talk to anyone, I’m on a mission to get my house upgraded all the way in City Folk, no time for chit chat. Sometimes they try to get me to care about them by waving their arms and making punctuation marks appear above their heads, try and flag me down all you want, brotha, I got pears to collect. When they skip town and try to affect me by mailing me a parting shot, it just rolls right off my back. Then, in a cruel twist, I use their outpouring of emotion, their last attempt to reach me, as an extra inventory slot. So long, don’t write.

  6. ? says:

    The newest animal crossing really did more harm than good to me I only played it for a very very short time because its missing one thing that the other one had the memory card where you can make several towns and visit I don’t feel like going wifi just to visit another town thats run by a complete stranger especially since half the time I can’t because how late I stay up.They could had made a lot of improvements have you seen smash bros brawl if you have you seen the custom stage builder and how many you can build with such little space on the memory. Well why can’t they make it where theres a lot more than the equal amount of gamecube objects and bugs/fish I really was hoping for more bugs/fish maybe a new category besides fossils you know something maybe reptiles or something or maybe when you go fishing you catch a turtle, it was disappointing to me. The only fun thing that I had that I bust out laughing is trying to catch the tarantula and scorpion its funny because you can’t control your shreik when the role reverses on you and its chasing you.

  7. Jose says:

    I’ve been a fan since this game came out. Too bad we didn’t have a Nintendo Wifi Connection then, because it would’ve been extremely fun. Instead we had to swap cards and wait, wait, wait. The sweet memories. 😀

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