Wii Mini Coming To Europe


Despite its puzzling existence, Nintendo has decided to launch the Wii Mini in Europe on March 22nd, 2013.  The no frills console does not feature internet access, CameCube compatibility, or an SD slot.

I imported a Wii Mini shortly after the Canadian launch (Really, just to add it to my console/handheld collection-I think I am at 44 right now), and although I have not actually connected it to my TV, I did open the box to check it out.  For a bare bones console, it appears to be pretty solid.  I see this console appealing to either a family with young kids or someone that likes to take their Wii with them on short trips.

I have not seen a release date for the US, however I would not be surprised if it arrives here.  Would you buy one?

3 Responses to Wii Mini Coming To Europe

  1. wakko1337 says:

    I just want that nifty red remote and nunchuck. But yeah, I think this is perfect for super-scared of the internet families who have children that want a Nintendo console. No internet or SD slot, don’t even have to worry about it!

  2. Mattiac says:

    No, I would never buy one!

  3. Benji Dude says:

    I can’t see how this won’t further confuse an already confused market. Nintendo have done nothing to help explain the difference between the Wii and WiiU in the UK. Now their adding the Wii mini into the mix already confused customers are just going to have their heads spinning in befuddlement.
    Nintendo need to get the message out that WiiU is the “next generation/evolution” of the Wii line a message that has fallen flat on its face and simply hasn’t reached the average consumer.

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