Wii hopeful turns down chance to buy PS3

Doodirock from 2old2play recounts his experience turning down the rare chance to buy a PS3 in favor of the sold-out Wii. From the article: “So there we were, two old guys waiting in line for a Wii at our local Toys R Us. To make matters worse, one of the mothers in line asked, ‘You getting one for your kids?’ Um no lady, we’re dorks and dorks game at all ages… [After turning down the chance to buy a rare PS3] the cashier was in total shock. “You wont be able to get these till March if you leave now!” That maybe true, but shouldn’t I actually want something that I’m going to buy? I think the sad fact is, I almost did buy the console on hype alone.”

The entrepreneur in me would’ve snatched up those four PS3s quick like, however.

3 Responses to Wii hopeful turns down chance to buy PS3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Little typo there. “You want be able..”


  2. shoan says:

    it is not that rare to turn down a ps3 i have done it already. happened at walmart in bryant, AR there were 2 sitting on the shelves but no wii’s to be found, still can’t find one no matter where I go. wii that is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t even put my name in a raffle (lottery) here in Japan for a PS3. It is just a chance to buy the expensive system. Right now, it is just not worth it. There is no more hype. The Wii is still living up to the hype and it doesn’t launch here in Japan until this Saturday. Nintendo’s plan this time around for “disruption” is really working. What are everyone’s wagers on the Japanese launch of the Wii? Of course it will sell out. Look at the DS Lite still… Sold out in Japan.

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