What non-gaming activities are you participating in this weekend?

Me? I’m watching college football all freaking weekend, including a trip to Lavell Edwards Stadium to hopefully see BYU beat Nevada in a game of gridiron, tickets courtesy of my well-placed uncle. (Go, Cougars!)

What about you? What non-gaming stuff are you doing this weekend? Got any exciting plans you want to share?

20 Responses to What non-gaming activities are you participating in this weekend?

  1. Fuzz says:

    Hopefully heading out to the mountains a for a little mountain biking before the snow hits. And maybe some Disc Golf.

  2. Mohan says:

    Nothing just sleeping, as I am tried from Magic Mountain (last weekend), Disneyland (2 weekends ago), and hiking (3 weekends ago). So I am looking forward to just vegging out.

  3. chris_wing says:

    Trying to justify spending $2500 on a Final Cut Studio and Mac package even though I’m not so much employed at the moment. This is going to be a tough sell.

  4. David says:

    Cleaning my apartment for the upcoming visit from Blake and his wife next weekend!

  5. Verius says:

    Will be celebrating my birthday a little late with friends and hopefully get some homework done.

  6. Al says:

    I get to go to the symphony!!

  7. chris_wing says:

    progressiveaudio says…”Organizing for some protest.”. Who’s the girl?

  8. Rory says:

    Rugby match gentlemen!

  9. That’s easy. Phantom Gourmet food festival! This time, the whole family is attending!

  10. bananaoomarang says:

    eating and sleeping.

  11. Juja says:

    Ah, so it’s because of bastards like you that there was so much traffic tonight. Anyway, I still managed to make it to Movies 8 to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

  12. exposicion says:

    Going to the U of I football game…since no one would buy my ticket

  13. Leon says:

    work on a painting.. 🙂

  14. Greg in PA says:

    work on saturday and football on sunday
    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!

  15. Yellow Bear says:

    I just got back from camping

  16. llaffer says:

    The intent was to go camping for two nights with 10,000 other scouts for BSA’s 100th anniversary celebration campout.

    Saturday was cold and rainy all day, and after multiple changes of clothes, everything that I had was wet. With that night expected to get below 50, and I was starting to feel ill from being in the rain all day, I had to leave a day early.

    Things went well until the “stage show” started, which was supposed to be the peak of the weekend, but due to the weather, and lousy view due to the distance we were from stage, couldn’t see or hear anything, it ended up being the worst part of the weekend for us.

    Was quite demoralizing to myself and my son. I won’t have any plans to go camping any time soon, and it won’t surprise me if he doesn’t want to join boy scouts when he’s done with cub scouts.

  17. GrumpyDavid says:

    I eated a vagina.

  18. Rory says:

    ^this comment is inappropriate…it’s in past tense, when the question obviously demands a future tense response…jeez some ppl…

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